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Carlos Camacho bec9cf1fa1 Fix launchpad tracker in README.rst
Very simple NIT fix, the link for the
launchpd tracker is broken.

Change-Id: I9bee767608fa78890b41dac2e48ce3732281861f
4 years ago
Kevin Carter 64b8c75238
Update readme with tripleo-ansible links
Change-Id: Ifede2cd24ecd1780446241bf5630eb45a28e54dd
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter d49c61157f Update project README
This change updates the project readme file so that its more in
line with the rest of the managed openstack projects.

Change-Id: Ibe998fbbb92fb746578d33c5881d2a627f297789
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter 4403a163d4
Add update lint jobs using pre-commit
Pre-commit was added to run all of the lint jobs via tox. Because
this change now enforces the linters, the modules and playbooks
have been updated so they're able to pass the checks.

> Several excludes and lint ommisions have been added to the
  pre-commit config. These were added because the current code
  can not pass the basic checks in its present state. In a
  future PR updates will be made to the playbooks and modules
  and these ommissions will be removed. The goal of this PR is
  to ensure some checks are running and lay the ground work
  for future structural changes.

Change-Id: If2095741dd0e977de71f8110307aef92d4f3676c
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Jill Rouleau 446ac8aed2 Initial repo content
Required package files and basic ops playbooks.
5 years ago