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Dougal Matthews ede9d159fd Add the Apache license to the overcloud-delete playbook
This is present in the other playbooks but wasn't added to overcloud

Change-Id: I856ca2cac31b100995c6a3e6b53199b921b2b627
4 years ago
Dougal Matthews 8bae3481ed Add a playbook for the "openstack overcloud delete" CLI Command
This playbook encapsulated the logic that Mistral provides for the
overcloud delete CLI command. Replacing the following two workflows

- tripleo.plan_management.v1.delete_deployment_plan
- tripleo.deployment.v1.undeploy_plan

Related-Bug: #1835242
Related-Bug: #1835246
Related-Bug: #1835232

Co-Authored-By: Kevin Carter <>
Co-Authored-By: Luke Short <>
Change-Id: I38d9535d9b71fca93eb34d2018355c0f8c8fa8fd
4 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman ea76fb87b9 Change parameters processing to class based
Also change parameters to what they should be according to podman
specs. Add defaults for booleans in description. Improve module
docs and other stuff.
Change-Id: Id6e85099d6867eb873aa3bcefc1148e081812f68
4 years ago
Zuul b35f17aa38 Merge "Add podman_container module" 4 years ago
Sagi Shnaidman aac956ec81 Add podman_container module
Add module for managing podman containers on host
Change-Id: I8801ae9096855a9ea836755b6bfd3d7ead1f5d06
4 years ago
Brent Eagles 2cbe99b429 Handle empty cert related hostvar info
When certificates are neither generated nor provided (e.g. on update)
related variables would be empty or undefined and need to be handled

Closes-Bug: #1845366
Change-Id: I361c90e438e79e180e2a745da82e619347fed13e
4 years ago
apetrich edfe84f274 Add the undercloud backup ansible playbook
This playbook reflects the same behaviour as the mistral workbook
of the same name.
It adds the functionality discussed on this external bug

Change-Id: Icf964c23745941dd596f65e2b0bfa81e515508d0
4 years ago
Martin Schuppert 688ec4c8cd Create tripleo-cellv2 role
This change introduce tripleo-cellv2 role and playbook
create-nova-cell-v2.yaml to simplify the post steps when creating
an additional cellv2 in tripleo. For reference, [1] is the doc
patch providing at the moment the manual steps.


Change-Id: I288a9217dce948d33d9b47938e7977294d255c7a
4 years ago
Kevin Carter bc9fe7f827
Create tripleo container image prepare role
This change creates a role for  the tripleo heat template content for
"container-image-prepare-baremetal-ansible.j2.yaml". This change will
ensure our task process is tested using molecule and scenario tests
while also streamlining our process.

Test Matrix:
  - default - tests role using all default options
  - build - tests end to end building containers using mock data

A new playbook for docker vfs setup has been added. This was added to
allow some tests to run docker workloads within a local filesystem.
Without this change, docker workloads would fail because docker is
not able to run an overlayfs job from within an overlayfs
environment. This new playbook will be used within our zuul jobs
whenever the variable `docker_enable_vfs`, is set to "true".

Change-Id: Ic6e26eb95734ccf17e42e649b5e5808e1a096a78
Story: 2005985
Task: 34438
Task: 34440
Task: 34441
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Gregory Thiemonge 6deec581ac Use internal endpoints for configuration in octavia nodes
When running configuration steps for octavia in octavia nodes, use
internal endpoints since public endpoints may not be available due to
network topology (spine-leaf network + octavia in networkers).


Closes-Bug: #1835171
Change-Id: I242f7bb718b08724da21cafa86d3e8853d0ff453
4 years ago
Zuul 8ff639fda9 Merge "Enforce testing consistency" 4 years ago
Kevin Carter 7c23a01bd7
Enforce testing consistency
The upstream OpenStack gate installs docker using the "install-docker"
from within the zuul-jobs repository. To ensure we're able to test role
consistently this change removes our internal docker install tasks
and simply uses the role as provided by zuul.

All of the requirements we were installing for molecule via built in
tox configuration  have all been moved to the unmanaged requirements
file, "molecule-requirements.txt". This file will ensure anything we
install in a virtual-environment is consistent throughout our stack.

The `run-local-test` script has been added to the scripts directory
allowing local development to be setup and executed with minimal,
to no, pre-configuration or setup. This script and its usage has
been documented in the contributing guide.

Change-Id: If7d1ba7e59a1d6918d9606c9df8bfad21c0c47da
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
John Fulton 4d38019467 Introduce ansible roles for ceph preparation
Create five ansible roles prefixed with "tripleo-ceph-" to
prepare the undercloud to run ceph-ansible. These roles were
previously embedded as tasks in tripleo-heat-templates.
ceph-ansible assumes its working directory persists and is
configured by the user manually. TripleO integration requires
that these steps be automated and these roles perform that

The roles may be used to create an ansible working directory
with inventory, a ceph-ansible fetch directory, a system uuid
map for node-specific-overrides, and runs ceph-ansible with
the required options.

Add ceph.yaml to the playbooks directory which can be used for
development of these roles with --skip-tags run_ceph_ansible.

Change-Id: I19cd58275a0b8f8f84776a98008cd9b10ceda908
4 years ago
Kevin Carter 82d0705476
Import octavia roles and playbooks from tripleo-common
This change imports all of the octavia playbooks and roles from
`tripleo-common/playbooks/`. This change ensures all of the resources
imported are meeting the required lint checks for import and structures
the roles such that they'll automatically be installed in the
`usr/share/ansible/roles/` path making them available to the rest of
the tripleo ecosystem.

Change-Id: Ib4ff59a4c372f95cc7a183e8ef724bb1cbf72fed
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago
Kevin Carter d7163861f2 Update project structure
This change updates the project structure to reflect the documented
ansible best practice when creating projects [0].

* setup.cfg has been updated to ensure this package installs all of the
  libs and playbooks into the correct on system locations.

With this change we should be able to begin collecting content throughout
the tripleo ecosystem.

[0] -

Change-Id: If3ca66befee3f82f462a8fc00984698e26cc7e9b
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
4 years ago