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18 Commits (d723ca9886ac61c1102ba520a4d9254d1af2775c)

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Juan Badia Payno d723ca9886 bnr - Remove the filter to backup the root grants [mysql] 12 months ago
Juan Larriba 433a822d0a Make Galera desync operation more resilient 1 year ago
Juan Badia Payno dc832f3416 bnr: Fixed the ERROR 1141 when users has fqdn 1 year ago
Juan Larriba a22d8d9817 Backup and Restore playbook is not 100% idempotent when running in snapshot mode 1 year ago
Juan Larriba bf60d71718 Online backup of the galera database must desynchronize the node before backup 1 year ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 3791391e6e Add playbook to perform UC DB backup only. 1 year ago
Juan Larriba d3e2068b79 More descriptive task names 1 year ago
Juan Larriba 6cb6a99c4b Remove become: true from the role 2 years ago
Juan Larriba 72b53f1d5b Make execution of the backup idempotent 2 years ago
Juan Larriba 2b56b7f933 Move the snapshots feature to optional/beta 2 years ago
Juan Larriba ebcfee5f20 Backup&Restore Snapshots RFE 2 years ago
zhaoleilc de15f8599a Fix a typo in the explanatory note 2 years ago
Kevin Carter 65e6e5b035 Ensure that the playbooks and roles can display debug data when enabled 3 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya a88a3d6953 Hide passwords better 3 years ago
Juan Badia Payno fe5d3a5f9d BaR Always do MySQL dumps even the services wont be stopped 3 years ago
Wes Hayutin 1ca652294f Migrate molecule jobs from centos 7 to 8 3 years ago
Carlos Camacho 644df915a9 Remove all the extra folders in the backup and restore role 3 years ago
Juan Badia Payno 08ae844c5e Fix error with command ansible module and pipes 3 years ago
toure 9b26f440d3 Add service management support. 3 years ago