TripleO Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks for use with TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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David Vallee Delisle 69baf00124 Validating againsts stdout instead of stdout_lines 19 hours ago
action-package.rst Add plugin documentation 2 years ago
action-tripleo_host_prep.rst Action module for bulk host prep 2 months ago
modules-ceph_spec.rst Deploy RGW, MDS, Ganesha and Ceph Dashboard using cephadm 6 months ago
modules-ceph_spec_bootstrap.rst Introduce ceph_spec_bootstrap module 6 months ago
modules-container-puppet-config.rst Add module "container_puppet_config" 2 years ago
modules-tripleo-container-config-scripts.rst Create tripleo_container_config_scripts module 1 year ago
modules-tripleo-container-configs.rst tripleo_container_configs module 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_check_existing.rst module tripleo_baremetal_check_existing 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_expand_roles.rst module tripleo_baremetal_expand_roles 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_populate_environment.rst module tripleo_baremetal_populate_environment 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_build_heat_environment.rst Add new playbook for container image prepare cli 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_composable_network.rst Module: tripleo_composable_network 10 months ago
modules-tripleo_config_download.rst Add module for downloading confg 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_container_image_prepare.rst Add ansible module for container image prepare 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_deploy_artifacts.rst Add tripleo_deploy_artifacts 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_derive_hci_parameters.rst Introduce module tripleo_derive_hci_parameters 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_diff_exec.rst Add tripleo_diff_exec module 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_fernet_keys_rotate.rst Use only ansible for fernet key rotation 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_generate_ansible_inventory.rst Add ansible module to generate tripleo inventory 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_get_flavor_profile.rst Add a new set of modules to support derived params 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_get_introspected_data.rst Add a new set of modules to support derived params 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_network_populate_environment.rst Module: tripleo_network_populate_environment 10 months ago
modules-tripleo_network_ports_populate_environment.rst Populate network ports env module 9 months ago
modules-tripleo_nova_image_cache.rst Add role/playbook to manage nova image cache 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_os_net_config.rst Ansible interface for os-net-config 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_os_net_config_mappings.rst doc: tripleo_os_net_config_mappings module 1 year ago
modules-tripleo_overcloud_network_vip_extract.rst Add module and cli to extract net VIPs 5 months ago
modules-tripleo_overcloud_network_vip_populate_environment.rst Add module to populate net VIPs environment 5 months ago
modules-tripleo_overcloud_network_vip_provision.rst Add module to provision net VIPs 5 months ago
modules-tripleo_ovn_mac_addresses.rst OVN mac address ports ansible module 5 months ago
modules-tripleo_passwords_rotate.rst Use ansible for password rotation 2 years ago
modules-tripleo_unmanaged_populate_environment.rst Provision workflow managed/unmanaged node support 9 months ago
modules-tripleo_unprovision_network.rst Module: tripleo_unprovision_network and cli playbook 3 months ago
modules_tripleo_overcloud_network_extract.rst Extract provisioned networks from stack 11 months ago
modules_tripleo_overcloud_network_ports.rst Network ports module 9 months ago