TripleO Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks for use with TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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Zuul 9d9208389e Merge "Don't call sdk.connect() again" 20 ore fa
.. Create a node import module and playbook 1 mese fa Don't call sdk.connect() again 3 giorni fa Creates container_config_data module 1 mese fa container_puppet_config: don't show a warning if config_hash is empty 2 giorni fa module metalsmith_instances 1 mese fa Add raid configuration playbook and options 1 mese fa Fix name of baremetal node info module in docs 1 mese fa Wait for ironic-neutron-agent bridge_mappings before provide 2 settimane fa Don't call sdk.connect() again 3 giorni fa Merge "Improve logic in introspection module" 1 mese fa paunch: fail early if containers weren't deployed by Paunch before 1 mese fa Improve idempotency for images in podman container 3 settimane fa Molecule job for testing plugins and modules 5 mesi fa Molecule job for testing plugins and modules 5 mesi fa module tripleo_baremetal_check_existing 1 mese fa module tripleo_baremetal_expand_roles 1 mese fa module tripleo_baremetal_populate_environment 1 mese fa Use only ansible for fernet key rotation 1 mese fa Add tripleo_image_params_prepare ansible module 3 settimane fa Add role/playbook to manage nova image cache 3 mesi fa Remove mistral dependency from password rotate module 1 settimana fa Add deploy plan playbook 2 settimane fa Add tripleo_plan_parameters_update module 3 settimane fa Add playbook for update deployment plan 3 settimane fa Add tripleo_templates_upload module 3 settimane fa