TripleO Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks for use with TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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amp_image_name: ""
amp_image_filename: ""
amp_image_tag: "amphora-image"
amp_ssh_key_name: "octavia-ssh-key"
amp_ssh_key_path: ""
amp_to_raw: false
amp_hw_arch: "x86_64"
auth_username: "octavia"
auth_project_name: "service"
lb_mgmt_net_name: "lb-mgmt-net"
lb_mgmt_subnet_name: "lb-mgmt-subnet"
lb_mgmt_subnet_cidr: ""
lb_mgmt_subnet_gateway: ""
lb_mgmt_subnet_pool_start: ""
lb_mgmt_subnet_pool_end: ""
lb_mgmt_sec_grp_name: "lb-mgmt-sec-grp"
lb_health_mgr_sec_grp_name: "lb-health-mgr-sec-grp"
mgmt_port_dev: "o-hm0"
enable_log_offloading: false