TripleO Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks for use with TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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Zuul 20b48741cc Merge "Add tripleo_frr role" 6 months ago
add-ansible-args-to-test-commands-e6b14d561af5de7d.yaml Extend pytest so it can accept ansible args 2 years ago
add_save_swift_parameter_to_undercloud_backup-9cf04020d91bb0c1.yaml Add the undercloud backup ansible playbook 2 years ago
add_tripleo_frr_role-793d53d11eded3bf.yaml Add tripleo_frr role 7 months ago
bug-1849393-fix-retrieval-of-storage-nfs-params-5f92d7999c36ef05.yaml Fix invalid variable issue with StorageNFS 2 years ago
configure-podman-cni-788ffa30083acbb5.yaml Configure the default podman network 10 months ago
docker_enable_vfs-c8b41b02111341df.yaml Create tripleo container image prepare role 2 years ago
fix-scattered-octavia-configs-2ef4f66ed1e02b60.yaml Simplify octavia post deploy configs 2 years ago
fix_nvdimm_ns_check-cb0837b5dbf40ab7.yaml Fix check for existing nvdimm namespaces 8 months ago
fix_ssh-known-hosts-22738bc60fdc2f62.yaml Fix ssh_known_hosts hostname entries 2 years ago
paunch_removal-368245325e2964a2.yaml Remove paunch module 1 year ago
podman_heathcheck_v2-b3d4db0aeaf03519.yaml tripleo_container_manage: remove systemd healthchecks 1 year ago