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Rabi Mishra 91a2b34b13
Add deploy plan playbook
3 years ago
action-package.rst Add plugin documentation 4 years ago
modules-container-puppet-config.rst Add module "container_puppet_config" 3 years ago
modules-metalsmith_instances.rst module metalsmith_instances 3 years ago
modules-paunch.rst Introduce new module for Paunch 3 years ago
modules-podman_container.rst Add plugin documentation 4 years ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_check_existing.rst module tripleo_baremetal_check_existing 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_expand_roles.rst module tripleo_baremetal_expand_roles 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_baremetal_populate_environment.rst module tripleo_baremetal_populate_environment 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_fernet_keys_rotate.rst Use only ansible for fernet key rotation 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_image_params_prepare.rst Add tripleo_image_params_prepare ansible module 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_nova_image_cache.rst Add role/playbook to manage nova image cache 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_passwords_rotate.rst Use ansible for password rotation 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_plan_deploy.rst Add deploy plan playbook 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_plan_parameters_update.rst Add tripleo_plan_parameters_update module 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_swift_tempurl.rst Add playbook for update deployment plan 3 years ago
modules-tripleo_templates_upload.rst Add tripleo_templates_upload module 3 years ago