TripleO Ansible project repository. Contains playbooks for use with TripleO OpenStack deployments.
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Role - tripleo_redhat_enforce


This role is for OSP, the downstream version of tripleo and shouldn't be used with other OS as it required the host to be subscribed.

It enforces policies regarding rhel version and subscribed channel according to the OSP version used.

This module hosts those requirements, so that we prevent update to wrong rhel release or subscription to wrong channels.

Currently it only implements a basic check to the subscribed rhel version.

This check has some fail-safe logic to avoid crashing the update on temporary network issue when running subscription-manager.

We are avoiding the validation framework as this can be easily disabled and we want this enforcement to be mandatory as this could lead user to unsupported combination of OSP/RHEL.

For upstream that change is transparent as the tasks are skipped if the ansible_distribution is not Red Hat.


Very simple usage, just pass the right parameter for the version you plan to check.

Remember this won't have any effects on anything else than a Red Hat subscribed host.

- name: Enforce RHOSP rules regarding subscription.
    name: tripleo_redhat_enforce
    tripleo_redhat_enforce_osp: 16.0
    tripleo_redhat_enforce_os: 8.1

Roles variables

Name Default Value Description
tripleo_redhat_enforce_debug false No used currently
tripleo_redhat_enforce true on Red Hat distribution false everywhere else Set to true to run validation
tripleo_redhat_enforce_osp OSP version (16.0, 16.1,...) Version of OSP
tripleo_redhat_enforce_os RHEL version (8.1, 8.2, ...) Version of RHEL