Andreas Jaeger 3f18ae40de Switch to promote docs job
We now use a promote job for publishing that avoids building again the
documents after merge. use this here as well.

We can only use the promote jobs when the job run in gate, so use the
same file conditions. To make those easier to sync, get rid of the
special tripleo job and use openstack-tox-docs directly.

For further details about promote jobs, see

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2019-08-21 19:00:58 +02:00

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- job:
description: Base tripleo-ansible job
name: tripleo-ansible-centos-7-base
nodeset: centos-7
parent: base
success-url: "reports.html"
failure-url: "reports.html"
- tripleo_ansible/playbooks/prepare-test-host.yml
- zuul.d/playbooks/pre.yml
- zuul.d/playbooks/run.yml
timeout: 1800
voting: true