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- repo:
rev: v3.2.0
- id: end-of-file-fixer
- id: trailing-whitespace
- id: mixed-line-ending
- id: check-byte-order-marker
- id: check-executables-have-shebangs
- id: check-merge-conflict
- id: check-symlinks
- id: debug-statements
- id: check-yaml
files: .*\.(yaml|yml)$
args: [--allow-multiple-documents]
- repo:
rev: 3.8.3
- id: flake8
additional_dependencies: [flake8-typing-imports==1.6.0]
entry: flake8 --ignore=E24,E121,E122,E123,E124,E126,E226,E265,E305,E402,F401,F405,E501,E704,F403,F841,W503
# TODO(cloudnull): These codes were added to pass the lint check.
# All of these ignore codes should be resolved in
# future PRs.
- repo:
rev: v1.24.2
- id: yamllint
files: \.(yaml|yml)$
types: [file, yaml]
entry: yamllint --strict -f parsable
- repo:
rev: v4.3.5
- id: ansible-lint
- 'ansible<2.10'
- repo:
rev: 2.0.0
- id: bashate
entry: bashate --error . --ignore=E006,E040
verbose: false
# Run bashate check for all bash scripts
# Ignores the following rules:
# E006: Line longer than 79 columns (as many scripts use jinja
# templating, this is very difficult)
# E040: Syntax error determined using `bash -n` (as many scripts
# use jinja templating, this will often fail and the syntax
# error will be discovered in execution anyway)