25 Commits (cbaf576f1a988a059e69ff6aa7ab094cedfa8abe)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thomas Herve cbaf576f1a Consume resource-registry in ProcessTemplatesAction 2 years ago
  Dan Sneddon e48a73cb4e Pass all network data to render network/port templates 2 years ago
  Jaganathan Palanisamy 2537440a9b DPDK and Host derive parameters workflows 2 years ago
  Adriano Petrich 76b3e025b7 use Result from mistral_lib instead of mistral 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy 5621fd4e78 Pass network_data into per-role j2 templating 2 years ago
  Steven Hardy a597fdd30b Pass all role data into role templates when rendering 2 years ago
  Ana Krivokapic bd4e26e823 Use Swift to store Plan environment 3 years ago
  Adriano Petrich fbfe481ee4 move mistral base action dependency to mistral_lib 3 years ago
  Adriano Petrich 78807dff26 add caching the GetParametersAction 3 years ago
  Ryan Brady 6b2fefdeb7 Create or update deployment plan from git repository 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy d9b56b35db Add support for network_data.yaml to process templates action 3 years ago
  Oliver Walsh 5935079b42 Add support for jinja2 includes 3 years ago
  James Slagle 75a58a3556 Sync template processing 3 years ago
  Dougal Matthews 9d3d03436a Remove the underscore from the base action client methods 3 years ago
  Carlos Camacho ad2edc32e3 Default the J2 excludes files to safe values. 3 years ago
  Carlos Camacho aab8d64d71 Add the J2 exclude file exception (When file not found) 3 years ago
  Carlos Camacho 1621ccaf38 Add support to create role main template file based in role.role.j2.yaml 3 years ago
  Steven Hardy fb38363bd5 Modify j2 templating to allow role files generation 3 years ago
  Ryan Brady 49a7b8e80e Port password generation from tripleoclient to tripleo-common 3 years ago
  Ryan Brady 13be1999ad Wire in jinja templating for custom roles 3 years ago
  Ryan Brady 8f2ee4a380 Adds action for template processing 3 years ago
  Ryan Brady e1f65e4f33 Initial Integration of Mistral into TripleO 4 years ago