A Python library for code common to TripleO CLI and TripleO UI.
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Mathieu Bultel c1cef817ba Remove copy_ssh_key task from validation workbook 3 months ago
access.yaml [Train] Check for existence of stack 9 months ago
baremetal.yaml Wait for lock release during power state change 10 months ago
baremetal_deploy.yaml Revert "[Train only] Add ssh timeout for baremetal_deploy" 1 year ago
container_images.yaml Add a way to update ContainerImagePrepare params 3 years ago
deployment.yaml [TRAIN-Only] Make forks configurable 6 months ago
derive_params.yaml Derives NUMA aware vSwitches parameters 3 years ago
derive_params_formulas.yaml Derive new nova compute parameters 1 year ago
fernet-key-rotate.yaml [train-only] Update tripleo-ansible path for fernet playbook 1 year ago
heat_environments.yaml Fix broken YAQL expressions in heat_environments.yaml 3 years ago
messaging.yaml add and unify the retries when messages are published to swift 1 year ago
networks.yaml Use the standard messaging in the networks workbook 3 years ago
octavia_post.yaml Remove amp_hw_arch from octavia_post 2 years ago
package_update.yaml Fix the ANSIBLE_LOG_PATH value. 1 year ago
parameters.yaml Fix generate fencing command 3 years ago
plan_management.yaml [TRAIN ONLY] Handle empty role Specific Parameter 8 months ago
scale.yaml Remove duplications of tasks in scale workbook 2 years ago
stack.yaml [stable-only] check for stack status IN_PROGRESS to retry 1 year ago
support.yaml Verify the Swift container exists with a small utility workflow 3 years ago
swift.yaml Sphinx throws warnings on workbooks descriptions 2 years ago
swift_backup.yaml Fix access of input parameters 2 years ago
swift_ring_rebalance.yaml Remove tripleo-common/playbooks 2 years ago
undercloud_backup.yaml Fix undercloud backup via tripleoclient 2 years ago
validations.yaml Remove copy_ssh_key task from validation workbook 3 months ago