A Python library for code common to TripleO CLI and TripleO UI.
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Harald Jensås 83e63e4458 Add an internal index to network_data 8 months ago
locks Enable pylint 9 months ago
__init__.py Initial workflow implementation of tripleo-common 6 years ago
common.py Image Uploader - get_undercloud_registry IPv6 2 years ago
config.py Add host_vars to define tasks executed before network configurations 5 months ago
glance.py create_or_find_kernel_and_ramdisk docstring fixes 2 years ago
image.py Make upload workers faster on processing layers 2 years ago
keystone.py nova-less-deploy: deploy_instances and undeploy_instances workflows 3 years ago
nodes.py Catch exception if servers are in error state with no bm_node attached 1 year ago
overcloudrc.py Move OvercloudRcAction functionality to utils 1 year ago
parameters.py Add convert_docker_params function 3 years ago
passwords.py Do not rotate CephX secrets 1 year ago
plan.py [stable-only] Fix legacy password handling 7 months ago
process.py Fix bashate and flake8 errors 2 years ago
roles.py linters refresh w/ afferent bugfixes 1 year ago
safe_import.py Make gitpython and eventlet work with eventlet 0.25.1 2 years ago
stack.py Move DeployStackAction functionality to utils 2 years ago
stack_parameters.py Ensure lanplus is unset when using redfish 1 year ago
swift.py Move swift tempurl creation functionality to utils 2 years ago
tarball.py Open tarball in binary mode 3 years ago
template.py Add an internal index to network_data 4 months ago
time_functions.py Add GUI logging workflows 4 years ago
validations.py Processing available Ansible variables as 'parameters' not as 'metadata' 2 years ago