A Python library for code common to TripleO CLI and TripleO UI.
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Tony Breeds 876ef274f3 Uncap jsonschema
We have jsonschema capped at a fairly old version. Other than some
specific releases, it looks like keeping it below 3.0 was added in
I943fd68b9fab3bce1764305a5058df5339470757 without really any explanation

In order to update to a 3.x release we need to:
1. Remove the cap from global-requirements.txt (see Depends-On), leaving
   upper-constraints.txt at a 2.x release
2. Remove the cap from all consumers (this change)
3. Release a new version of consumers that are published to pypi
4. Update upper-constraints.txt with those new releases
5. Update jsonschema in upper-constraints.txt to a 3.X release
   (See: https://review.openstack.org/649789)
6. Test consumers with the change from 5.
7. [Optional] fix issues in consumers that arise from 6.
8. Merge the change from 5.

Change-Id: Ic782c3085fb85634d2ae2b7d5538ae2948d2f9b8
Co-Authored-by: Sean McGinnis <sean.mcginnis@gmail.com>
Depends-On: https://review.openstack.org/649669
4 years ago
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playbooks Merge "Octavia: set selinux contexts on ansible generated configuration" 4 years ago
releasenotes Merge "Fix running the baremetal provide workflow with node names" 4 years ago
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A common library for TripleO workflows.

Action Development

When developing new actions, you will checkout a copy of tripleo-common to an undercloud machine and add actions as needed. To test the actions they need to be installed and selected services need to be restarted. Use the following code to accomplish these tasks. :

sudo rm -Rf /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tripleo_common*
sudo python setup.py install
sudo cp /usr/share/tripleo-common/sudoers /etc/sudoers.d/tripleo-common
sudo systemctl restart openstack-mistral-executor
sudo systemctl restart openstack-mistral-engine
# this loads the actions via entrypoints
sudo mistral-db-manage populate
# make sure the new actions got loaded
mistral action-list | grep tripleo

Workflow Development

When developing new workflows, you will need to reload the modified workflows, e.g the following will reload all the workflows from the default packaged location, or you can use a similar approach to replace only a single workbook while under development. :

for workbook in $(openstack workbook list -f value -c Name | grep tripleo); do
    openstack workbook delete $workbook
for workflow in $(openstack workflow list -f value -c Name | grep tripleo); do
    openstack workflow delete $workflow
for workbook in $(ls /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-common/workbooks/*); do
    openstack workbook create $workbook



If you haven't installed the undercloud with the enable_validations set to true, you will have to prepare your undercloud to run the validations:

$ sudo pip install git+https://git.openstack.org/openstack/tripleo-validations
$ sudo yum install ansible
$ sudo useradd validations

Finally you need to generate an SSH keypair for the validation user and copy it to the overcloud's authorized_keys files:

$ mistral execution-create tripleo.validations.v1.copy_ssh_key

Running validations using the mistral workflow

Create a context.json file containing the arguments passed to the workflow:

  "validation_names": ["512e", "rabbitmq-limits"]

Run the tripleo.validations.v1.run_validations workflow with mistral client:

mistral execution-create tripleo.validations.v1.run_validations context.json

Running groups of validations

Create a context.json file containing the arguments passed to the workflow:

  "group_names": ["network", "post-deployment"]

Run the tripleo.validations.v1.run_groups workflow with mistral client:

mistral execution-create tripleo.validations.v1.run_groups context.json