A Python library for code common to TripleO CLI and TripleO UI.
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Rabi Mishra 7494548b73 Reset *RemovalPoliciesMode for node delete 8 months ago
actions Reset *RemovalPoliciesMode for node delete 8 months ago
filters Add logging to capabilities filter 2 years ago
image Bump the Ceph container image to 3.2.1 1 year ago
releasenotes/notes Retry previously failed deployments 2 years ago
templates Clean up host var for pre/post deployment 10 months ago
tests Reset *RemovalPoliciesMode for node delete 8 months ago
utils Merge "Allow platform in instackenv.json" into stable/queens 8 months ago
__init__.py Add ReNo support 3 years ago
_stack_update.py Prompt to clear breakpoints when using deployed-server 2 years ago
arch.py Default to host CPU architecture if none is supplied 2 years ago
constants.py Add passphrase generation for Octavia 1 year ago
exception.py Fail config-download when group:os-apply-config used 2 years ago
i18n.py Update the documentation link for doc migration 2 years ago
inventory.py Raise exception when no IPs found 8 months ago
update.py Refresh DeployIdentifier as well on update 3 years ago