Add f28/py3 notes for standalone deployment

Adds some notes to standalone deployment docs for fedora 28.
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@ -89,6 +89,25 @@ Deploying a Standalone OpenStack node
#. Configure basic standalone parameters which include network configuration
and some deployment options.
.. warning::
The standalone deployment requires one network interface on the deployment
machine and **that interface will be reconfigured as per the parameters
you specify below**. The interface you want to use is specified by name
in the $INTERFACE parameter below and passed as the NeutronPublicInterface
in the standalone_parameters.yaml. If you only have one interface on your
machine be advised that it will be reconfigured to have the IP address
specified in $IP. If that is a remote box you may lose connectivity to it.
Any other network interfaces are left untouched.
For the standalone deployment we use a single NIC on the target machine
which is reconfigured and set as a member of an ovs bridge, **br-ctlplane**. Two
examples follow which can be copy/pasted as is - depending on your setup.
You should only have to change the name of the interface to match whatever
it is called on your system. Ideally you will have two network interfaces,
so that one is used for the standalone deployment, whilst the other will be
left untouched. This can be especially important if you are deploying on a
remote box (e.g. via ssh).
The following configuration can be used for a system with 2 network
interfaces. This configuration assumes the first interface is used for
management and we will only configure the second interface. The deployment

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.. This should be changed to something more user-friendly like
.. warning::
Support for Python3 is still experimental. The Fedora 28 specific notes
and commands appearing below should not be taken as indication that this
is fully supported by TripleO - we're still working on it!
.. admonition:: Fedora 28
:class: fedora28
For Fedora 28 you will need to download the python3-tripleo-repos from
sudo yum install -y<version>.fc28.noarch.rpm
Download and install the python2-tripleo-repos RPM from
`the current RDO repository <>`_.
For example
@ -93,6 +106,23 @@ For example
sudo -E tripleo-repos -b rocky current ceph
.. admonition:: Fedora 28
:class: fedora28
Enable the current Fedora 28 repositories
.. code-block:: bash
sudo -E tripleo-repos -d fedora current
.. admonition:: Ceph
:class: ceph
Include the Ceph repo in the tripleo-repos call
.. code-block:: bash
sudo -E tripleo-repos -d fedora current ceph
.. warning::