Add centos 8 repository info

The tripleo repos rpm to be installed has changed its python version
and its path - now residing under components/tripleo and needs its
location updated.

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michaeltchapman 3 years ago
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/* tags */
.fedora28 {background: #aee;}
.centos7 {background: #cea;}
.centos8 {background: #cae;}
.rhel {background: #fee;}
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and commands appearing below should not be taken as indication that this
is fully supported by TripleO - we're still working on it!
#. Download and install the python2-tripleo-repos RPM from
`the current RDO repository <>`_.
For example
#. Download and install the python-tripleo-repos RPM from
the appropriate RDO repository
.. code-block:: bash
.. admonition:: CentOS 7
:class: centos7
Current `Centos 7 RDO repository <>`_
.. code-block:: bash
sudo yum install -y<version>.el7.centos.noarch.rpm
.. admonition:: CentOS 8
:class: centos8
Current `Centos 8 RDO repository <>`_.
.. code-block:: bash
sudo yum install -y<version>.el7.centos.noarch.rpm
sudo dnf install -y<version>.el8.noarch.rpm
.. note::