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ExtraGroupVars is a new interface to allow the overriding of Ansible
group vars in TripleO; it was backported down to Train.

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@ -11,8 +11,31 @@ However in the event the service configuration required is not exposed
as a top-level parameter, there are flexible interfaces which enable passing
arbitrary additional configuration to the nodes on deployment.
Making configuration changes
Making ansible variable changes
Since the Train release, it is now possible to change any Ansible variable
via group vars overriding.
For example, to override the `chrony_role_action` variable used in
ansible-role-chrony for all the Compute roles, we would do the following::
cat > compute_params.yaml << EOF
chrony_role_action: config
openstack overcloud deploy -e compute_params.yaml
Any variable can be set in that interface and it will take precedence if the
variable was already set somewhere else (e.g. in the composable service).
For any custom roles (defined via roles_data.yaml) the parameter name will
be RoleNameExtraGroupVars where RoleName is the name specified in
Making puppet configuration changes
If you want to make a configuration change, either prior to initial deployment,
or subsequently via an update, you can pass additional data to puppet via hiera