Split off Ceph related container images

This change describes the required parameters we need to skip
the ceph related containers during container image prepare.

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Francesco Pantano 1 year ago
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commit e524e3e0e4
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@ -219,6 +219,17 @@ The values in the `set` map are used when evaluating the file
as a Jinja2 template. This file contains the list of every container image and
how it relates to TripleO services and heat parameters.
If Ceph is not part of the overcloud deployment, it's possible to skip pulling
the related containers by setting the `ceph_images` parameter to false as shown
in the example below::
- push_destination:
ceph_images: false
By doing this, the Ceph container images are not pulled from the remote registry
during the deployment.
Authenticated Registries