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It will produce a modified image with Python source code installed via pip.
Building hotfixed containers
The `tripleoclient` OpenStack plugin provides a command line interface which
will allow operators to apply packages (hotfixes) to running containers. This
capability leverages the **tripleo-modify-image** role, and automates its
application to a set of containers for a given collection of packages.
Using the provided command line interface is simple. The interface has very few
required options. The noted options below inform the tooling which containers
need to have the hotfix(es) applied, and where to find the hotfixed package(s).
============ =================================================================
option Description
============ =================================================================
--image The `--image` argument requires the use fully qualified image
name, something like *localhost/image/name:tag-data*. The
`--image` option can be used more than once, which will inform
the tooling that multiple containers need to have the same
hotfix packages applied.
--rpms-path The `--rpms-path` argument requires the full path to a
directory where RPMs exist. The RPMs within this directory will
be installed into the container, producing a new layer for an
existing container.
--tag The `--tag` argument is optional, though it is recommended to
be used. The value of this option will append to the tag of the
running container. By using the tag argument, images that have
been modified can be easily identified.
============ =================================================================
With all of the required information, the command to modify existing container
images can be executed like so.
.. code-block:: shell
# The shell variables need to be replaced with data that pertains to the given environment.
tripleo container image hotfix --image ${FULLY_QUALIFIED_IMAGE_NAME} \
--rpms-path ${RPM_DIRECTORY} \
--tag ${TAG_VALUE}
When this command completes, new container images will be available on the
local system and are ready to be integrated into the environment.
.. note::
Additional steps may be required before the images can be deployed into the