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Bogdan Dobrelya 7172590e2e Fix link to UC install guide and mention podman
Change-Id: I2298f961431a2abfc6e2eeea903fe95ac560bc02
Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <>
3 years ago
Alex Schultz c6918e5da6 Migrate install to deploy-guide
The deployment guide is currently pointed at triplo-docs but it has been
requested that we actually publish a deployment guide. This change
extracts many of the installation doc pages and moves them into the
deploy-guide source tree.  Once the deploy-guide is published, we will
follow up to reference the deployment guide from tripleo-docs.

Change-Id: I0ebd26f014180a92c6cf4ab0929d99b2d860796f
4 years ago