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Python3 is required for current releases of OpenStack which is supported on CentOS Stream 9.

  1. Download and install the python-tripleo-repos RPM from the appropriate RDO repository

    CentOS Stream 9

    Current Centos 9 RDO repository.

    sudo dnf install -y<version>.el9.noarch.rpm


    tripleo-repos removes any repositories that it manages before each run. This means all repositories must be specified in a single tripleo-repos call. As an example, the correct way to install the current and ceph repos is to run tripleo-repos current ceph, not two separate calls.

  2. Run tripleo-repos to install the appropriate repositories. The option below will enable the latest master TripleO packages, the latest promoted packages for all other OpenStack services and dependencies and the latest stable Ceph packages. There are other repository configurations available in tripleo-repos, see its --help output for details.

    sudo -E tripleo-repos current-tripleo-dev ceph