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Updating Undercloud Components
You can upgrade any packages that are installed on the undercloud machine.
#. Remove all Delorean repositories:
.. note::
You may wish to backup your current repos before disabling them::
mkdir /home/stack/REPOBACKUP
sudo mv /etc/yum.repos.d/delorean* /home/stack/REPOBACKUP
sudo rm /etc/yum.repos.d/delorean*
#. Enable new Delorean repositories:
.. include:: ../repositories.txt
.. We need to manually continue our list numbering here since the above
"include" directive breaks the numbering.
3. Clean the yum cache to ensure only the new repos are used::
sudo yum clean all
#. Update required package:
.. admonition:: Validations
:class: validations
It is strongly recommended that you validate the state of your undercloud
before starting any upgrade operations. The tripleo-validations_ repo has
some 'pre-upgrade' validations that you can execute by following the
instructions at validations_ to execute the "pre-upgrade" group::
mistral execution-get-output $(openstack workflow execution create -f value -c ID tripleo.validations.v1.run_groups '{"group_names": ["pre-upgrade"]}')
.. admonition:: Newton to Ocata
:class: ntoo
The following commands need to be run before the undercloud upgrade::
sudo systemctl stop openstack-*
sudo systemctl stop neutron-*
sudo systemctl stop openvswitch
sudo systemctl stop httpd
sudo yum -y update instack-undercloud openstack-puppet-modules openstack-tripleo-common
.. admonition:: Ocata to Pike
:class: otop
.. admonition:: Ceph
:class: ceph
Prior to Pike, TripleO deployed Ceph with puppet-ceph. With the
Pike release it is possible to use TripleO to deploy Ceph with
either ceph-ansible or puppet-ceph, though puppet-ceph is
deprecated. To use ceph-ansible, the CentOS Storage SIG Ceph
repository must be enabled on the undercloud and the
ceph-ansible package must then be installed::
sudo yum -y install --enablerepo=extras centos-release-ceph-jewel
sudo yum -y install ceph-ansible
Update TripleO CLI package::
sudo yum -y update python-tripleoclient
#. Run the undercloud upgrade command. This command will upgrade all packages
and use puppet to apply new configuration and restart all OpenStack
openstack undercloud upgrade
.. note::
You may wish to use time and capture the output to a file for any debug::
time openstack undercloud upgrade 2>&1 | tee undercloud_upgrade.log
.. note::
If you added custom OVS ports to the undercloud (e.g. in a virtual
testing environment) you may need to re-add them at this point.
.. _validations: ../validations/validations.html#running-a-group-of-validations
.. _tripleo-validations: