Bogdan Dobrelya f313d7a87f PDF documentation build
The is one of community goals that each project could produce a
single PDF file. The pdf should be in the output of openstack-tox-docs

The list of changes:
- copy the docs testenvs' dependencies from
- do not place unrelated to the docs testenvs entries for the
  test-requieremets.txt, add missing flake8
- add the missing sphinxcontrib-mermaid docs requirements
- render mermaid diagrams only for html builds, for PDF use a hand-made
  quick and dirty approximation instead (if used for PDF builds, it
  fails on the py3 deprecated warn() methos)
- add the project architecture and components into the main ToC, omit
  rendering additional contents pages for PDF builds
- add a new pdf-docs environment to enable PDF build,
- sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter is used to handle SVG properly,
- Add requirements for sphinx and poke it for openstackdocstheme,
- disable usage of xindy for tex,
- do not generate empty pages,

More about the goal:

TeX and  few more packages may be needed to build PDF locally
(listed for bindep):

inkscape [doc platform:dpkg]
fonts-liberation [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-latex-base [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-latex-extra [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-xetex [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive-fonts-recommended [doc platform:dpkg]
xindy [doc platform:dpkg]
latexmk [doc platform:dpkg]
texlive [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-fncychap [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-titlesec [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-tabulary [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-framed [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-wrapfig [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-upquote [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-capt-of [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-needspace [doc platform:rpm]
texlive-polyglossia [doc platform:rpm]
latexmk [doc platform:rpm]
python3-sphinxcontrib-svg2pdfconverter-common [doc platform:rpm]
librsvg2-tools [doc platform:rpm]
librsvg2-bin [doc platform:dpkg]

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