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Promotion Stages

The list below shows each stage within the RDO promotion workflow. Each stage shows the inputs taken and the artifacts produced.


All of the shown links refer to the Master release.

Links for stable branches would include the stable release name, for example, Pike stable release.


master --build-packages--> current-consistent -->-- tripleo-ci promotion --> current-tripleo -->-- rdo phase1 promotion --> current-tripleo-rdo -->-- rdo phase2 promotion --> current-tripleo-rdo-internal



Overview of the tags used during the tripleo promotions stages

  1. Upstream TripleO

    CI DLRN Master consistent is generated every 30 mins from upstream commits in case of no packaging errors.

    The current build contains the latest packages that can be built, even if some other packages are failing to build. The current and consistent builds will be equivalent where there are no problems with the build. See (for Master) for the result of builds.

  2. Upstream Promotion Pipeline zuul

    Update from consistent -> tripleo-ci-testing

    Push containers to tagged with tripleo-ci-testing

    Run tests - if tests report success -> Promote from tripleo-ci-testing -> current-tripleo using DLRN Promoter

    Push containers to (tripleo-ci-testing) and upon promotion, also tag them with current-tripleo

    Update images using DLRN Promoter periodic-tripleo-ci-centos-7-ovb-3ctlr_1comp-featureset002-master-upload See artifacts referenced: RH1 mirror server for images

    Push containers to tagged with current-tripleo

    Logs from the DLRN Promoter can be accessed on We also use a Grafana dashboard and sova for CI Status to monitor jobs.

  3. RDO Phase 1


    Run tests - if tests report success -> Promote from current-tripleo -> current-tripleo-rdo using DLRN Promoter

    Promote the images to

    Tag the containers as current-tripleo-rdo

    Push containers to tagged with current-tripleo-rdo

  4. RDO Phase 2

    Get RDO Phase 1 generated image (RDO on CentOS) from$BUILD_SYS/$PIN/$hash_id and cache internally

    Build http://<internal>/ci-images/master (RDO on RHEL)

    Run tests (RDO on CentOS for baremetal and RDO on RHEL) If tests report success -> Update symlink using DLRN Promoter

    Update the images link as

    Tag the containers as current-tripleo-rdo-internal

    Run further downstream jobs (scale etc.) rdo-promote-master-rdo_trunk-nonvoting

  5. OSP Phase 0

    Hand off to RHOSP builds