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Merge "Workaround ovn cluster failure during update when schema change." into stable/queens

Zuul Gerrit Code Review pirms 7 mēnešiem
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docker/services/pacemaker/ovn-dbs.yaml Parādīt failu

@@ -199,6 +199,23 @@ outputs:
ignore_errors: true
# When a schema change happens, the newer slaves don't connect
# back to the older master and end up timing out. So we clean
# up the error here until we get a fix for
# https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1759974
- name: Clear ovndb cluster pacemaker error
shell: "pcs resource cleanup ovn-dbs-bundle"
- step|int == 1
# Then we ban the resource for this node. It has no effect on
# the first two controllers, but when we reach the last one,
# it avoids a cut in the control plane as master get chosen in
# one of the updated Stopped ovn. They are in error, that why
# we need the cleanup just before.
- name: Ban ovndb resource on the current node.
shell: "pcs resource ban ovn-dbs-bundle $(hostname | cut -d. -f1)"
- step|int == 1
- name: Get docker ovn-dbs image
ovn_dbs_docker_image: {get_param: DockerOvnDbsImage}
@@ -243,6 +260,15 @@ outputs:
shell: "docker tag {{ovn_dbs_docker_image}} {{ovn_dbs_docker_image_latest}}"
# Got to check that pacemaker_is_active is working fine with bundle.
# TODO: pacemaker_is_active resource doesn't support bundle.
# We remove any leftover error and remove the ban.
- name: Ensure the cluster converge back even in case of schema change
shell: "pcs resource cleanup ovn-dbs-bundle"
- step|int == 5
- name: Remove the ban
shell: "pcs resource clear ovn-dbs-bundle"
- step|int == 5
# When ovn-dbs-bundle support was added, we didn't tag the ovn-dbs image
# with pcmklatest. So, when update is run for the first time we need to
# update the ovn-dbs-bundle resource to use the 'pcmklatest' tagged image.

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