Add NovaSchedulerMaxAttempts parameter

Needed by the Undercloud installer. Defaults to 3 to match
what we do in puppet-tripleo today for the Overcloud.

Change-Id: Ib4ea5af26c39e466d0f4b7506a65f020620f2120
Dan Prince 2017-12-07 22:22:44 -05:00
parent 20a5994716
commit 1ad70e7899
2 changed files with 10 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ parameter_defaults:
NeutronDnsDomain: ''
NovaSchedulerAvailableFilters: 'tripleo_common.filters.list.tripleo_filters'
NovaSchedulerDefaultFilters: ['RetryFilter', 'TripleOCapabilitiesFilter', 'ComputeCapabilitiesFilter', 'AvailabilityZoneFilter', 'RamFilter', 'DiskFilter', 'ComputeFilter', 'ImagePropertiesFilter', 'ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter', 'ServerGroupAffinityFilter']
NovaSchedulerMaxAttempts: 30
NeutronDhcpAgentsPerNetwork: 2
HeatConvergenceEngine: false
HeatMaxResourcesPerStack: -1

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@ -41,6 +41,14 @@ parameters:
An array of filters used by Nova to filter a node.These filters will be
applied in the order they are listed, so place your most restrictive
filters first to make the filtering process more efficient.
type: number
default: 3
description: >
Maximum number of attempts the scheduler will make when deploying the
instance. You should keep it greater or equal to the number of bare
metal nodes you expect to deploy at once to work around potential race
conditions when scheduling.
default: 'overcloud-nova-scheduler'
type: string
@ -84,6 +92,7 @@ outputs:
- nova::ram_allocation_ratio: '1.0'
nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_available_filters: {get_param: NovaSchedulerAvailableFilters}
nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_default_filters: {get_param: NovaSchedulerDefaultFilters}
nova::scheduler::filter::scheduler_max_attempts: {get_param: NovaSchedulerMaxAttempts}
nova::scheduler::discover_hosts_in_cells_interval: {get_param: NovaSchedulerDiscoverHostsInCellsInterval}
step_config: |
include tripleo::profile::base::nova::scheduler