MaxFailPercentage: default to 0

Switch the default MaxFailPercentage to 0, to match with the traditional

We're currently working on making MaxFailPercentage working in the
TripleO playbooks (it doesn't work today); so this patch just fix the
default value, 15% was never applied in reality and we don't want to set
any default for backward compatibility. It'll be up to the deployers to
pick their number.

Change-Id: Ifea95c933e7a7d378ddf42050abda790e8631236
(cherry picked from commit 3c8f4a5afd)
Emilien Macchi 3 years ago
parent 4ab32733a1
commit 1c87fae296

@ -219,10 +219,8 @@ parameters:
default: yes
type: string
{#- We generally won't want any failures on HA Controller roles, 15% will cause any 1 node to fail the deploy, #}
{#- for a 3 or 5 node Role, making it a fairly safe default. #}
default: 15
default: 0
type: number
description: Number of {{}} nodes to deploy