Add a directory for overcloud heat environments

This patch adds a new directory called environments which contains
custom Heat environment files that can be used to enable custom
overcloud features. As an initial example a puppet-ceph-devel.yaml
environment has been added which can be used to spin up a small Ceph
cluster for dev/testing.

This directory may be useful for collecting other
feature related Heat environment settings in the future as well.
Things like isolated network settings, etc.

Change-Id: Ia6998ae05d2363384d2a616a31d5795c8b2d85d5
Dan Prince 2015-05-14 11:49:34 -04:00 committed by Giulio Fidente
parent 2c6ea075cf
commit 274a4cfbb3
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environments/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
This directory contains Heat environment file snippets which can
be used to enable features in the Overcloud.
These can be enabled using the -e [path to environment yaml] option with
Below is an example of how to enable the Ceph template using
export OVERCLOUD\_CUSTOM\_HEAT\_ENV=$TRIPLEO\_ROOT/tripleo-heat-templates/environments/ceph_devel.yaml

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@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
# A Heat environment file which can be used to enable a Ceph
# storage cluster using the controller and 2 ceph nodes.
# Rbd backends are enabled for Cinder, Glance, and Nova.
CephStorageCount: 2
#NOTE: These ID's and keys should be regenerated for
# a production deployment. What is here is suitable for
# developer and CI testing only.
CephClusterFSID: '4b5c8c0a-ff60-454b-a1b4-9747aa737d19'
CephMonKey: 'AQC+Ox1VmEr3BxAALZejqeHj50Nj6wJDvs96OQ=='
CephAdminKey: 'AQDLOh1VgEp6FRAAFzT7Zw+Y9V6JJExQAsRnRQ=='
NovaEnableRbdBackend: true
CinderEnableRbdBackend: true
GlanceBackend: rbd
CinderEnableIscsiBackend: false
ControllerEnableCephStorage: true