Update enable-tls.yaml with new endpoints

A couple of new endpoints have been added, and if they're not in
the configured value for EndpointMap it will cause problems.

Sahara is not added as ssl-enabled because I don't believe it has
been added to the loadbalancer yet.

Note that there is work underway to CI overcloud SSL, which should
catch problems like this in the future.

Change-Id: Ia8a106fd94da7be8675ea84f5fbb9ac959771d10
Ben Nemec 7 years ago
parent a54e0b973b
commit 352fae4aa4
  1. 6

@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ parameter_defaults:
KeystoneAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '35357', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystoneInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '5000', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystonePublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13000', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
KeystoneV3Admin: {protocol: 'http', port: '35357', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystoneV3Internal: {protocol: 'http', port: '5000', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystoneV3Public: {protocol: 'https', port: '13000', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
NeutronAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '9696', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NeutronInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '9696', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NeutronPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13696', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
@ -36,6 +39,9 @@ parameter_defaults:
NovaVNCProxyAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '6080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaVNCProxyInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '6080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaVNCProxyPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13080', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
SaharaAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8386', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SaharaInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8386', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SaharaPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13786', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
SwiftAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SwiftInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SwiftPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13808', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}