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[Rocky&QueensOnly] Update ovs to 2.11 without network loss

During the minor update from ovs2.9 to ovs2.11,
handled the package name changes to ensure that
ovs is not restarted. This change have been handled
already on the upgrade path (queens -> rocky). Handle
the same in the minor update (update_steps).

This change is not required in master or other stable
versions, because all other versions are already
migrated to ovs2.11 package and the upgrade path
is handled.

Change-Id: Id563806777679998412a53c693b02152df1e800e
(cherry picked from commit bdea2c17f5)
Saravanan KR 2 years ago
committed by Lukas Bezdicka
1 changed files with 84 additions and 0 deletions
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@ -278,6 +278,90 @@ outputs:
name: '*'
state: latest
# With the layered product packaging, the key package is rhosp-openvswitch. It depends on
# a openvswitch package that includes the version as part of the name (e.g openvswitch2.10).
# This requires some additional special handling:
# - During an upgrade the package name for openvswitch may change so
# upgrading the currently installed package won't do anything.
# - The rhosp-openvswitch package "obsoletes" several packages,
# including older openvswitch packages. This results in a pretty
# severe uninstall/install sequence of operations that stops and
# removes openvswitch which could break network links required to
# continue the upgrade.
# - To prevent rhosp-openvswitch breaking connectivity, the currently
# installed core openvswitch packages need to be erased from the rpm
# database but leave the binaries intact. This effectively
# short-circuits the obsoletes mechanism in rhosp-openvswitch and
# leaves the core elements of openvswitch running. In the future we
# may replace this mechanism with "an upgrade on reboot". We only
# do this for the core openvswitch packages so other packages
# obsoleted by rhosp-openvswitch will be removed when
# rhosp-openvswitch is installed/upgraded.
# - Neither the rhosp-openvswitch nor openvswitch{m.n} package enables
# or starts the systemd service so there must always be a task
# to ensure that it is enabled or OpenvSwitch functionality won't be
# available on reboot.
# - With LP, we expect that the core openvswitch package name will
# change with every major upgrade so this special handling will
# eventually replace the special handling of upgrading the
# openvswitch package "in place"
- name: Block for gathering information for upgrading OpenvSwitch layered product packaging
when: step|int == 2
- name: Process rhosp-openvswitch layered package for new version number
shell: |
set -o pipefail
yum info -q rhosp-openvswitch | awk '/^Version/{print $NF}'
register: rhosp_package_result
ignore_errors: true
- name: Set fact for triggering OpenvSwitch layered product package handling
ovs_lp_packaging: "{{ rhosp_package_result.rc == 0 }}"
- name: Capture the expected OpenvSwitch version.
new_ovs_version: "{{ rhosp_package_result.stdout }}"
when: ovs_lp_packaging|default(false)
- name: Get current OpenvSwitch package name
register: ovs_pkg_out
rpm -qa | awk -F- '/^(openvswitch[0-9]+\.[0-9]+-|openvswitch-2)/{print $1}'
- name: Get version from current OpenvSwitch package
register: ovs_version_out
rpm -qi "{{ ovs_pkg_out.stdout }}" | awk '/^Version/{print $NF}'
- name: split numeric version for OpenvSwitch into parts
ovs_version_parts: "{{ ovs_version_out.stdout.split('.') }}"
- name: get major minor version for OpenvSwitch package naming
current_ovs_version: "{{ ovs_version_parts[0] }}.{{ ovs_version_parts[1] }}"
- name: get OpenvSwitch major version
current_ovs_major_version: "{{ ovs_version_parts[0]|int }}"
- name: get OpenvSwitch minor version
current_ovs_minor_version: "{{ ovs_version_parts[1]|int }}"
- name: Block for upgrading OpenvSwitch when layer package is present
- step|int == 2
- ovs_lp_packaging|default(false)
- name: set current OpenvSwitch package suffix if old version is layered product format
package_suffix: "{{ current_ovs_version }}"
- current_ovs_major_version|int >= 3 or current_ovs_minor_version|int >=10
- name: remove old OpenvSwitch package(s) if version doesn't match
shell: |
rpm -e --noscripts --nopreun --nopostun --notriggers --nodeps $(rpm -qa 'openvswitch{{ package_suffix|default('') }}*' | grep -v 'selinux')
warn: false
when: new_ovs_version != current_ovs_version
- name: install/upgrade OpenvSwitch LP package
name: rhosp-openvswitch
state: latest
- name: Check for existing
stat: path=/var/run/
register: yum_pid_file