Consistent hostname format env for split-stack

Adds a new environment split-stack-consistent-hostname-format.j2.yaml
for use with split-stack that will set the {{}}HostnameFormat
parameters based on the actual roles in use.

It's possible to generate these parameters and values as long as the
roles files is the same between the 2 stacks, which will be documented
in I9997bd685f8f79537dfc377f9f1eb0c7446c3289.

Removes the hardcoded paramters from the other 2 split-stack

Change-Id: I93bc7c1a24a9cb2f9930372970c67c0eadb14add
James Slagle 2017-07-24 14:39:23 -04:00
parent 6f9f76748c
commit 59e31ad1f5
3 changed files with 5 additions and 15 deletions

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@ -11,10 +11,3 @@ parameter_defaults:
{% for role in roles %}
{{}}Services: []
{% endfor %}
# Consistent Hostname format
ControllerHostnameFormat: overcloud-controller-%index%
ComputeHostnameFormat: overcloud-novacompute-%index%
ObjectStorageHostnameFormat: overcloud-objectstorage-%index%
CephStorageHostnameFormat: overcloud-cephstorage-%index%
BlockStorageHostnameFormat: overcloud-blockstorage-%index%

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@ -1,10 +1,2 @@
OS::TripleO::DeployedServerEnvironment: ../deployed-server/deployed-server-environment-output.yaml
# Consistent Hostname format
ControllerDeployedServerHostnameFormat: overcloud-controller-%index%
ComputeDeployedServerHostnameFormat: overcloud-novacompute-%index%
ObjectStorageDeployedServerHostnameFormat: overcloud-objectstorage-%index%
CephStorageDeployedServerHostnameFormat: overcloud-cephstorage-%index%
BlockStorageDeployedServerHostnameFormat: overcloud-blockstorage-%index%

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@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
# Consistent Hostname format
{% for role in roles %}
{{}}HostnameFormat: overcloud-{{}}-%index%
{% endfor %}