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# Using Docker Containers With TripleO
# Containers based OpenStack deployment
## Configuring TripleO with to use a container based compute node.
Steps include:
- Adding a base OS image to glance
- Deploy an overcloud configured to use the docker compute heat templates
## Getting base OS image working.
Download the fedora atomic image into glance:
glance image-create --name atomic-image --file Fedora-Cloud-Atomic-22-20150521.x86_64.qcow2 --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare
## Configuring TripleO
You can use the script up until the point of running the Overcloud.
You will want to set up the runtime puppet script delivery system described here:
Create the Overcloud:
$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates=tripleo-heat-templates -e tripleo-heat-templates/environments/docker.yaml -e tripleo-heat-templates/environments/docker-network.yaml --libvirt-type=qemu
Using Network Isolation in the Overcloud:
$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates=tripleo-heat-templates -e tripleo-heat-templates/environments/docker.yaml -e tripleo-heat-templates/environments/docker-network-isolation.yaml --libvirt-type=qemu
Source the overcloudrc and then you can use the overcloud.
## Debugging
You can ssh into the controller/compute nodes by using the heat key, eg:
nova list
ssh heat-admin@<compute_node_ip>
You can check to see what docker containers are running:
sudo docker ps -a
To enter a container that doesn't seem to be working right:
sudo docker exec -ti <container name> /bin/bash
Then you can check logs etc.
You can also just do a 'docker logs' on a given container.