Remove logic to create flavor/keypair in undercloud Nova

... because Nova has been removed from Undercloud.

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Takashi Kajinami 2022-07-05 16:17:55 +09:00
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commit ab35091c41
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@ -12,7 +12,6 @@
# under the License.
import json
import openstack
import os
from pathlib import Path
import shutil
@ -51,37 +50,8 @@ def _run_command(args, env=None, name=None):
def _configure_nova(sdk):
"""Disable nova quotas"""
sdk.set_compute_quotas('admin', cores='-1', instances='-1', ram='-1')
# Configure flavors.
sizings = {'ram': 4096, 'vcpus': 1, 'disk': 40}
extra_specs = {'resources:CUSTOM_BAREMETAL': 1,
'resources:VCPU': 0,
'resources:MEMORY_MB': 0,
'resources:DISK_GB': 0}
profiles = ['control', 'compute', 'ceph-storage', 'block-storage',
'swift-storage', 'baremetal']
flavors = [ for flavor in sdk.list_flavors()]
for profile in profiles:
if profile not in flavors:
flavor = sdk.create_flavor(profile, **sizings)
if profile != 'baremetal':
extra_specs.update({'capabilities:profile': profile})
extra_specs.pop('capabilities:profile', None)
sdk.set_flavor_specs(, extra_specs)
flavor = sdk.get_flavor(profile)
# In place to migrate flavors from rocky too stein
if flavor.extra_specs.get('capabilities:boot_option') == 'local':
sdk.unset_flavor_specs(, ['capabilities:boot_option'])
print('INFO: Undercloud Post - Nova configuration completed successfully.')
def create_update_clouds_yaml():
"""Disable nova quotas"""
"""create clouds.yaml"""
clouds_yaml_dir = '/etc/openstack'
clouds_yaml = os.path.join(clouds_yaml_dir, 'clouds.yaml')
cloud_name = CONF.get('cloud_name', 'undercloud')
@ -126,34 +96,7 @@ def create_update_clouds_yaml():
os.chown(usr_clouds_yaml, stat_info.st_uid, stat_info.st_gid)
def _create_default_keypair(sdk):
"""Set up a default keypair."""
ssh_dir = os.path.join(CONF['home_dir'], '.ssh')
public_key_file = os.path.join(ssh_dir, '')
if (not [True for kp in sdk.compute.keypairs() if == 'default'] and
with open(public_key_file, 'r') as pub_key_file:
keystone_enabled = 'true' in _run_command(
['hiera', 'keystone_enabled']).lower()
if not keystone_enabled:
nova_api_enabled = 'true' in _run_command(
['hiera', 'nova_api_enabled']).lower()
if not nova_api_enabled:
print('WARNING: Undercloud Post - Nova API is disabled.')
sdk = openstack.connect(CONF['cloud_name'])
if nova_api_enabled:
except Exception:
print('ERROR: Undercloud Post - Failed.')