Add validation to ping the default gateway(s)

This patch adds a new function that runs on all nodes so that
all default gateways are ping tested early on during the
installation process (before any puppet is executed)

Note: this change depends on the static control plane network IPs
because some distros allow/create multiple default routes without
this patch (see depends-on below).

Depends-On: Ib267e6dcf2d5ff77f7a82ee20a123965c2d07565

Change-Id: Ida125e79f3e549cae66be9dbd562197afa6400a5
Dan Prince 7 years ago
parent 9a7c55e4a7
commit d148ddbe78
  1. 20

@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# For each unique remote IP (specified via Heat) we check to
# see if one of the locally configured networks matches and if so we
# attempt a ping test on that networks remote IP.
# attempt a ping test the remote network IP.
function ping_controller_ips() {
local REMOTE_IPS=$1
@ -26,4 +26,22 @@ function ping_controller_ips() {
# Ping all default gateways. There should only be one
# if using upstream t-h-t network templates but we test
# all of them should some manual network config have
# multiple gateways.
function ping_default_gateways() {
DEFAULT_GW=$(ip r | grep ^default | cut -d " " -f 3)
for GW in $DEFAULT_GW; do
echo -n "Trying to ping default gateway ${GW}..."
if ! ping -c 1 $GW &> /dev/null; then
echo "FAILURE"
echo "$GW is not pingable."
exit 1
echo "SUCCESS"
ping_controller_ips "$ping_test_ips"