Create /var/log/journal directory during step-0

While I93dcc57aff63b91dab475b0c114b278324434e41 did the right thing, it
didn't do it in the right place.

This patch adds the creation without removing the misplaced code, so
that we can do an easy backport to Train.
A follow-up will be the actual revert of the other change.

Change-Id: Id937389e4eda5c1fc4634ab14695390a09300468
Closes-Bug: #1856278
Cédric Jeanneret 3 years ago
parent 1683bf1a6c
commit f7a3560065

@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
msg: Use --start-at-task 'Deploy step tasks for step 0' to resume from this task
when: "tripleo_minor_update is not defined or tripleo_minor_update != 'true'"
- name: Ensure /var/log/journal exists
file: path=/var/log/journal state=directory mode=0750 owner=root group=root setype=var_log_t
- name: Create /var/lib/container-puppet
no_log: True
file: path=/var/lib/container-puppet state=directory setype=container_file_t selevel=s0 recurse=true