Merge "Revert "Set NeutronL3HA to false when deploying DVR""

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commit fafbefffc4
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@ -30,14 +30,6 @@ parameter_defaults:
# affect the agent on the controller node.
NeutronL3AgentMode: 'dvr_snat'
# L3 HA isn't supported for DVR enabled routers. If upgrading from a system
# where L3 HA is enabled and has neutron routers configured, it is
# recommended setting this value to true until such time all routers can be
# migrated to DVR routers. Once migration of the routers is complete,
# NeutronL3HA can be returned to false. All new systems should be deployed
# with NeutronL3HA set to false.
NeutronL3HA: false
# Enabling DVR deploys additional services to the compute nodes that through
# normal operation will consume memory. The amount required is roughly
# proportional to the number of Neutron routers that will be scheduled to