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Takashi Kajinami dbb0224e37 Remove old workaround to upgrade deployed server environment
This change removes the old workaround added by [1]. This workaround is
no longer required since we replaced undercloud heat by ephemeral heat.
Now the overcloud stack is ephemeral and neutron ports should be
pre-allocated instead of being created/managed by heat.

[1] 6f20304c43

Change-Id: I88526e4c4faabe5f7291ae790a21039c0736c41f
2022-10-20 14:56:13 +09:00
Takashi Kajinami 34a2e1ebc9 Remove parameters/resources for undercloud Nova
This change removes the following parameters, which were used by
undercloud Nova.
 - KeyName
 - Overcloud{{}}Flavor
 - {{}}SchedulerHints
 - {{}}Image

This also removes the NodeUserData resource because it depends on
cloud-init and nova metadata and is no longer used since Nova was
removed from baremetal node provisioning.

Finally, this change makes deployed server method used by default, and
removes remaining implementation to keep the resource compatible with

Change-Id: I571b401ab2ca3c77352f4849eb2b99de20292032
2022-07-07 20:34:13 +09:00
Kevin Carter abed6abbe5 fix typo in readme
Change-Id: Ie5a63522af9e4a54281550cd4bdfb3dc4b6e9207
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
2021-07-09 07:30:35 -05:00
James Slagle 26be317990 Deprecate DeployedServerPortMap
The environment
environments/deployed-server-deployed-neutron-ports.yaml, the
deployed-neutron-port.yaml template, and DeployedServerPortMap parameter
are deprecated in favor of NodePortMap, ControlPlaneVipData, and
VipPortMap, which can be used with the generated

Change-Id: Ib59bb985fe15f612f93a33b1a688427e684654dd
Signed-off-by: James Slagle <>
2021-06-28 17:44:11 -04:00
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) dcddeb3b91 Make UpgradeLeappDevelSkip per-role
When specific roles are deployed, for example CephStorage,
then the parameters for UpgradeLeappDevelSkip are different
to all other roles.

This change makes UpgradeLeappDevelSkip a per-role parameter.

Included in this is the appropriate tagging for the other
parameters which had the same work done in:


Release notes are included for all of the above too.

Related-Bug: rhbz#1962365

Change-Id: I522951cc7ec6034bb6287dd144a9fc433c0090e0
2021-06-13 22:48:01 +01:00
Harald Jensås 659cc55277 Add neutron port tag hint for role name
Adds a tag tripleo_role=$ROLE to neutron ports
created by heat.

Related: blueprint network-data-v2-ports
Change-Id: I238572444e2931546d44864b2de497dd2825c2dc
2021-05-14 21:31:50 +02:00
Harald Jensås 73684d0a89 Set tags on all OS::Neutron::Port resources
Set up tag hints on all OS::Neutron::Port resources.
The network-data-v2 work uses tags on neutron resources
to find existing resources so that we update instead
of create. Also for generating environment files info
in the neutron tag field is utilized.

Partial-Implements: blueprint network-data-v2-ports
Change-Id: I3d43ae22cc45e5528ecfb1a6b2cb8602faa162a0
2021-04-12 12:49:41 +02:00
ramishra 000e99465e Remove unused environment for split-stack
This removes the unused environments used for split-stack.
Split-stack is mostly irrelevant after we moved to use a
separate metalsmith based workflow since victoria. There
is also a related tripleo-docs patch to update the docs.

Change-Id: I47beaaccd01d72cc550ffc7871e3384e112d9334
2021-04-04 17:33:52 +05:30
ramishra c9991c2e31 Use 'wallaby' heat_template_version
With I57047682cfa82ba6ca4affff54fab5216e9ba51c Heat has added
a new template version for wallaby. This would allow us to use
2-argument variant of the ``if`` function that would allow for
 e.g. conditional definition of resource properties and help
cleanup templates. If only two arguments are passed to ``if``
function, the entire enclosing item is removed when the condition
is false.

Change-Id: I25f981b60c6a66b39919adc38c02a051b6c51269
2021-03-31 17:35:12 +05:30
Harald Jensås d3b8515c4f Set tag hints on ControlVirtualIP
Set tags tripleo_vip_net=ctlplane and tripleo_stack_name=$STACK_NAME
on the ControlVirtualIP port.

Related: blueprint network-data-v2-ports
Change-Id: I098f24423716688fe8ff61a894516f3e860b2a4c
2021-02-23 23:41:31 +01:00
Rabi Mishra e9e0eb3d97 Make NetworkConfigWithAnsible parameter non-role specific
This changes the parameter to non-role specific and by default
true. The dependant python-tripleoclient patch adds a check
to ensure that we only allow usage of old heat nic congigs with
'NetworkConfigWithAnsible: false'.

Change-Id: Ie37bdfe64eb1b33afe326161fc6f99601addb7b5
2020-10-15 19:41:27 +05:30
Rabi Mishra a81ce0b931 Change deployed server environment for ansible nic config
This changes deployed-server-environment.j2.yaml to not use
heat SoftwareConfig resource for nic config.

Change-Id: Ic66d515444075abf61fc2b339cb54034d4505987
2020-10-15 12:57:42 +05:30
Rabi Mishra 06cbf1c858 Change script to use playbook
We've removed mistral from undercloud by default and this script
still uses mistral. Change it to use the new cli playbook.

Change-Id: Ic3e3d4909e61f473a7a9c0686e2374ffaec6b93a
2020-09-25 13:46:10 +05:30
Emilien Macchi bb2351a48d enable-ssh-admin: allow to override plan name
By default, the overcloud plan name is "overcloud" but it can be renamed
if the stack is named directly. Allowing the operator to override it so
they can run that script on a deployment where the stack is named
differently than the default.

Change-Id: I05029d30447592d4e16d85acc490cda69b101e9c
Closes-Bug: #1896505
2020-09-21 13:35:27 -04:00
Zuul 921f89e77c Merge "Check for correct column name for execution show" 2020-07-14 00:04:02 +00:00
Hervé Beraud be280e39c2 Stop to use the __future__ module.
The __future__ module [1] was used in this context to ensure compatibility
between python 2 and python 3.

We previously dropped the support of python 2.7 [2] and now we only support
python 3 so we don't need to continue to use this module and the imports
listed below.

Imports commonly used and their related PEPs:
- `division` is related to PEP 238 [3]
- `print_function` is related to PEP 3105 [4]
- `unicode_literals` is related to PEP 3112 [5]
- `with_statement` is related to PEP 343 [6]
- `absolute_import` is related to PEP 328 [7]


Change-Id: I2cf7495c5cb42c632993bb2372ffb626ab97bf0d
2020-07-02 15:27:27 +00:00
Rabi Mishra 9cf9a5a8ab Check for correct column name for execution show
Use 'State' instead of 'state'.

Change-Id: I1626e16376da07b887d06089f556faf907b24c35
Related-Bug: #1876646
2020-07-01 08:53:21 +05:30
Lon Hohberger dbf0e083be Fix syntax error
Change-Id: Id8028c0f92aa722344e6d4f157c1735a0af96bec
Signed-off-by: Lon Hohberger <>
2020-05-29 08:15:33 -04:00
Emilien Macchi b3127ac3f1 Add a 600s timeout when creating enable-ssh-admin workflow
If workflow fails, the script was looping forever,
because it only checks if the workflow is SUCCESSFUL.

Now, we have a timeout of 500 seconds and when it reaches it, it'll stop
and print a debug message.

Note: we're using ENABLE_SSH_ADMIN_TIMEOUT variable which can be
overriden when calling the script; the default value was taken from

Change-Id: Ie183321bc23164745237d7036885f6e6dcfef859
Closes-Bug: #1876646
2020-05-06 01:33:41 +00:00
Harald Jensås 679ecaada0 Set dns_name propery on ports and networks
Neutron's dns_assignments field includes a nice pice of
structured data. This is a prerequirement for Designate
usage. (No plan's to use that, but being a bit ready
does'nt hurt.)

  {"hostname": "my-vm",
   "ip_address": "",
   "fqdn": ""}

Enable for the undercloud:
 - dns_domain_ports ml2 extension driver

Change-Id: I46eb9a24dd66821b27524fe4d1fdab617b6fa948
2020-04-03 08:57:38 +02:00
James Slagle 3e36f99f93 Remove previously deprecated deployed-server bootstrap files
These files were previously deprecated in
198cfb6f8d and can now be removed.

Depends-On: I95f43da44c869f5de2fa4cdaa3d07fcef4ef11b9
Depends-On: I82d7bd1f9b6a7081660b8f4c3d1a41632fd95920
Change-Id: I47ec93105642abe2634850f8f0262e3e6800acc4
2019-12-10 21:27:26 +00:00
James Slagle 013f6ca2dc Remove deployed-server-roles-data.yaml
This patch removes the roles file that was previously used with
deployed-server at deployed-server/deployed-server-roles-data.yaml. It
was deprecated in train and is now removed in ussuri.

Depends-On: I55cb5fc4a069dc3829eb7e0b4ae6c9bc37094740
Change-Id: I48252fc7f6c4ca4ec11d8deb1e8ddcd33efbd03a
2019-11-08 18:42:24 +00:00
Zuul ea7c85f26b Merge "Remove EC2 api" 2019-10-30 13:54:19 +00:00
Zuul 99de5fa076 Merge "Deprecate deployed-server-roles-data.yaml" 2019-10-23 23:35:07 +00:00
Martin Schuppert 7adb850fbc Remove EC2 api
EC2 api was deprecated with Ieb108a363cecafe3407d0dd505947c99bb24226c.
Lets remove it.

Change-Id: Ied22623e56d8a01649486b43a7c673470f75f13b
2019-10-23 15:24:39 +02:00
James Slagle e6b5deef9f Deprecate deployed-server-roles-data.yaml
This roles file is now the same content as roles_data.yaml as no special
roles are needed for deployed-server. The file is now deprecated.

Note that the intent is to backport this patch to stable/train.

Change-Id: I9407cac224bfba6ae1c6477ff55f2c15937bcd10
2019-10-22 19:53:17 -04:00
Saravanan KR 9c3638b8a1 Remove OpenDaylight templates and environments
OpenDaylight deployment has been deprecated in Stein. In Train,
the tempaltes are removed.

Change-Id: I9711ef977d045f1dbcdc631fe2655294109031b8
2019-10-18 11:39:41 +05:30
Zuul adae981b14 Merge "Remove sensu-client service" 2019-10-10 22:59:46 +00:00
Zuul 3544453049 Merge "Remove Tacker service" 2019-10-10 22:59:38 +00:00
Martin Magr b3ffd695fd Remove sensu-client service
Sensu client has been deprecated and it's functionality substituted
by collectd-sensubility. This patch removes sensu-client composable

Change-Id: I4be68eb7319b2c92cc7d0fc9df7a5c87dfb5106c
2019-10-01 12:07:46 +02:00
Michele Baldessari 176b30649b Give the OVN DBS service a separate Vip
This change (with its dependent reviews) creates a separate VIP for the OVN DBS
service. A more detailed explanation can be found in
The short explanation is that the OVN DBS HA service puts some additional constraints on the VIP it
uses and that is problematic when that VIP is used by other services (e.g. a change in OVN DBS master
will move the VIP and will also reset all mysql connections. It also prevents us splitting OVN DBS from
where haproxy runs).

Tested as follows:
A) Deployed a mster environment with this review and all its dependencies and correctly obtained
an OVN DBS service with its own Vip and the OVN services
(controller/metadata) pointing to this separate Vip

B) Deployed a master environment as is and then applied this review +
dependencies and observed that a redeploy correctly created a new VIP,
reconfigured the services to point to the new VIP and that the old
obsolete constraints created around the per-network VIP were removed

Closes-Bug: #1841811

Depends-On: Ic62b0fbc0fee40638811a5cd77a5dc5a4d82acf5
Change-Id: I620e37117c26b5b51bf9e1eda91daeb00fdf0f43
2019-09-23 13:05:39 +00:00
Alex Schultz b44a079578 Remove Tacker service
The Tacker service has been incomplete since Queens. They restructured
the services and TripleO has never implemented code to handle this new
structure. Since it's been disabled since Queens and there is currently
no plans to fix it, let's remove the service code.

Change-Id: I2856e894b58d50c2d3484ccd02bfb1d43625847f
Related-Bug: #1714270
2019-09-19 15:21:13 +00:00
Ryan McCabe 112f485c7f Remove panko
Remove panko, which has been deprecated.

Change-Id: I590c889f838482d00cae596fcba2796f99d1e5b5
Signed-off-by: Ryan McCabe <>
2019-09-05 15:15:43 -04:00
Martin Magr 5ccf8951e5 Remove fluentd composable service
This patch removes fluentd composable service in favor of rsyslog composable service
and modifies *LoggingSource configuration accordingly.

Change-Id: I1e12470b4eea86d8b7a971875d28a2a5e50d5e07
2019-08-29 13:52:55 +01:00
Steve Baker 738aa6613f Sync deployed-server-roles-data.yaml with roles_data.yaml
Now that disable_constraints doesn't exist, these roles data files
should be identical. A followup should delete
deployed-server-roles-data.yaml when the documentation is updated to
not refer to it.

Change-Id: I42adaab0251a9ab4abdbb54fb7e28a8f89210424
2019-08-07 21:35:42 +00:00
Steve Baker fe266d120d Remove glance and nova custom constraints
These endpoints won't exist on the undercloud in the U cycle, and this
sort of check overlaps with tripleo-validations anyway. This change
also removes the disable_constraints roles data attribute as there is
no longer anything to disable.

Possibly this means deployed-server/deployed-server-roles-data.yaml is
no longer required because it only exists to set
disable_constraints:true (although it lags roles_data.yaml by quite a
lot now)

It looks like tripleo-validations has checks for flavor and image
already, but not keypair. It is unlikely users stray from the
'default' keypair so it is probably fine to not have a validation of
this for the Train release.

Change-Id: Id6146bfdc124e6e3e64ee7caea3ddeb2552bfa71
Blueprint: nova-less-deploy
2019-08-07 21:30:24 +00:00
Rabi Mishra 7c1599a413 Remove DeploymentSwiftDataMap parameter
Now that we do all node configurations using config-download,
this interface is not useful anymore.

Change-Id: Ifffaff6f044e334491b8f00cc6c6c8779d7bf7e5
2019-07-23 11:00:16 +05:30
Zuul 6e777cf24d Merge "Add dashboard component as new ceph composable service." 2019-07-20 14:04:15 +00:00
fpantano a407d4f5da
Add dashboard component as new ceph composable service.
This review introduces the CephDashboard service
to allow operators to deploy the new ceph dashboard
along with the other ceph components.
According to the spec we can add the environment
file to reference the template that contains all the
parameters needed to deploy the ceph-dashboard via
ceph-ansible related roles.

Implements: blueprint ceph-dashboard
Change-Id: I1d31cd99823686986cdbd3ac1df184e9457a361e
2019-07-17 15:53:34 +02:00
Harald Jensås 7a52a6986e Drop EC2MetadataIp parameter and its uses
Since is merged (and the revert,
reverting the revert ...) there is no metadata service running.

This change removes all things related to setting up routes
to the metadata service, i.e the EC2MetadataIp. As well as NAT
firewall redirect rule used only on the undercloud but disabled
by default.

Blueprint: nova-less-deploy
Change-Id: Ic4ea74b45c566048e32dde82d2bf00498f932af6
2019-07-05 14:05:59 +02:00
Alan Bishop b172661995 Make Multipathd an optional service
This is part 1 of a series of patches to properly deploy multipathd.

This patch makes Multipathd an optional TripleO service (defaults to
OS::Heat::None), and binds it to every role that might use the service.
This is essentially any role that accesses cinder volumes. Previously,
the service was not optional, but was not bound to any roles and so it
was never deployed.

Partial-Bug: #1834042
Change-Id: I3bc7d8557f758103c35533a59e06e36cd15f98b9
2019-06-24 07:15:37 -07:00
Zuul 5359e7edff Merge "Remove script for deployed server" 2019-06-20 16:45:03 +00:00
Rabi Mishra 12c0f3a160 Remove script for deployed server
Change-Id: I1bd8e1a3fe0a44240bab941540703c39aa8446bd
Partial-Bug: #1832441
2019-06-12 11:39:07 +05:30
James Slagle 198cfb6f8d Remove deployed-server bootstrap resource
Removes the deployed-server bootstrap resource from the deployed-server
template as the equivalent functionality enabled by the scripts has been
moved to the tripleo-bootstrap ansible role provided by tripleo-common.

The environments and templates for the bootstrap resource are deprecated
in train and will be removed in a future release.

Change-Id: If5adc76190e986bae1346a3a7e8dda8a2bc92f27
Depends-On: Idc13a88481ae618f0321009f49acf71e68258b95
implements: blueprint reduce-deployment-resources
2019-06-06 11:51:18 -04:00
Carlos Goncalves 14436f915b Remove Neutron LBaaS
The project has been retired and there will be no Train release [1].
This patch removes Neutron LBaaS support in tripleo-heat-templates.


Closes-Bug: #1831618
Change-Id: If13bbcdea82045d816485412f252c9b52bcf45a7
2019-06-04 15:12:38 +02:00
Zuul c33f8cb117 Merge "Remove NovaConsoleauth Service" 2019-05-17 16:21:03 +00:00
James Slagle bb95ce8439 Remove HostEntryDeployment
This deployment was for getting the hostname of pre-provisioned nodes.
This is no longer required with config-download since a HostnameMap is
required to be used with config-download.

Change-Id: I35d7d03c5373a251dfe96c2f71c4915ee52f113a
implements: reduce-deployment-resources
2019-05-14 15:48:05 -04:00
James Slagle 3a1948390d Remove InstanceIdDeployment
This deployment is no longer needed as it was only setting metadata that
was used by os-collect-config. Now that config-download is used,
os-collect-config is no longer used, we can get rid of this deployment.

Change-Id: Icd45f7299c4053373b3161d90ad32135c9f40e5a
implements: reduce-deployment-resources
2019-05-14 15:48:05 -04:00
Martin Schuppert 20dbe32060 Remove NovaConsoleauth Service
As of Rocky [1], the nova-consoleauth service has been deprecated and
cell databases are used for storing token authorizations. All new consoles
will be supported by the database backend and existing consoles will be
reset. Console proxies must be run per cell because the new console token
authorizations are stored in cell databases.

nova-consoleauth was deprecated in tripleo with:

This change now removes the NovaConsoleauth Service.


Closes-Bug: #1828414

Change-Id: Icdfbf26b5e83cc07a560eb227a0cf822e4c5a1e3
2019-05-09 15:24:13 +02:00
Alex Schultz 90562b6f5d Use timesync service
The Ntp service should no longer defined on the roles as we should be
using the meta Timesync service to ensure the correct service is defined
for the sync service.

Change-Id: Ic2fb3291de78891d05ef12e3778263fe74fbff8c
Related-Blueprint: tripleo-chrony
Closes-Bug: #1827676
2019-05-03 14:41:27 -06:00