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ramishra b253d564f7 Use server side env merging for ServiceNetMap/VipSubnetMap 5 months ago
ramishra 7f195ff9a8 Remove DefaultPasswords interface 7 months ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 8783ec9c45 Remove ffwd-upgrade leftovers from THT. 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi 3a00c029f2 Deprecate EnablePaunch and remove Paunch support 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi bfb8b2b7fd Cleanup tasks for container-puppet.py 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi 362e92fb82 deployment: document keystone_resources 2 years ago
Jiri Stransky 206625d4f5 Allow combining system_upgrade_prepare and system_upgrade_run into system_upgrade 2 years ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 4eb6fcdcab Clarify the at most once semantics for puppets 2 years ago
Dan Prince efa3017863 Move puppet/services/README and releasenotes 2 years ago
Dan Prince ba14b75c89 Move pacemaker, pacemaker-remote into deployments 3 years ago
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