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rabi 1a1fb27275 Update network-data v2 samples for ipv6
ipv6 key needs to set to true for ipv6 subnets.

Change-Id: I25480e6aa62e631db6078dfae9df9aa5c1570aff
2021-09-21 17:03:26 +05:30
Zuul 2a6f452a2c Merge "Fix typo in vip-data-default-network-isolation.yaml" 2021-09-13 21:50:26 +00:00
Lance Bragstad 523acec270 Fix typo in vip-data-default-network-isolation.yaml
Change-Id: Iac7290b6a256f26439d0ebc9aac962e43b67fed9
2021-09-09 21:26:43 +00:00
Lance Bragstad 9edbde38db Fix typo in sample network data
The routed-networks.yaml template has a typo in it that causes it to
fail if you use it verbatim, or as the basis for your network data.

  Additional properties are not allowed (\"end'\" was unexpected)\n

This is because there is a trailing ' in the definition.

Change-Id: Ie926afdf219179ac285be96b3f05a512c970be02
2021-09-09 21:21:47 +00:00
Harald Jensås be0b91ef56 Add network-v2 default files + vip data examples
Add a default file for network data and vip data to
use with network-data-v2.

The network data is an empty list, i.e no network
isolation is the default.

The default vip data file keeps one entry for the
ctlplane network, which is the only Virtual IP in
the no network isolation scenarios.

Related-Blueprint: blueprint network-data-v2-ports
Change-Id: Ia50435c0560ed76791d1859612f625a1b776a8b2
2021-06-07 13:22:40 +02:00
Brendan f38d6cef06 Fix VLAN placement
The VLAN key needs to be nested under the subnet
dictionary. Otherwise they will fail the schema validation
during network deployment.

This changes moves them in all examples to the subnet
dictionaries in each file.

Closes-Bug: #1930316
Change-Id: I0a73443630faf25de870a7878a9568ac8319aee9
2021-05-31 23:46:47 +00:00
Harald Jensås 1787da1443 Add sample network data files for network-data-v2
A new directory 'network-data-samples' is added with
sample network data in network-data-v2 format.

Change-Id: I85ab942f0103a8fa2345b637956f9fa5a17aa3aa
2021-01-14 12:04:58 +01:00