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ramishra e7d824688e Fix plan-samples README.rst
This is quite stale referencing mistral workflows.

Change-Id: I3485543210aa04c89d9c0873a6d0e10c3d5758fc
2 years ago
Jaganathan Palanisamy 9b3b1c6358 Workflow input parameter update in plan-environment
derive_parameters workflow input parameter needs to be
changed as num_phy_cores_per_numa_node_for_pmd
instead of number_of_pmd_cpu_threads_per_numa_node.
The performance varies based on the physical core
rather than the logical CPUs. Which means, user should
be able to decide the number of physical cores,
which is proportional to data rate.
Implements: blueprint tripleo-derive-parameters

Change-Id: I056fb330a17e647ab527e8bccd52bdf5e77067b6
6 years ago
Saravanan KR 22a283aeeb Providing parameters specific to a workflow via plan-environment
Parameters which are not part of the heat environment template
are required by the worflows like derive parameters. In order to
seprate from the heat environment parameters, the workflow only
parameters will be provided via plan-environement section,
Implements: blueprint tripleo-derive-parameters

Change-Id: I36d295223c28afff1e0996b4885b8a81c00842f0
6 years ago