1724 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
David Vallee Delisle d2298873f9 Role parameter for tripleo_kernel_defer_reboot 6 days ago
Takashi Kajinami 712c6025d2 Remove unused OctaviaPostWorkflowName 2 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami c769343d89 Remove ineffective CinderPowerStoreAppliances parameter 2 weeks ago
David Vallee Delisle 7010a27415 Introducing the ComputeVdpa role 1 month ago
Takashi Kajinami 1738ccfd29 Remove support for Cavium LiquidIO 3 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 681fa9a223 Rename AdminToken to KeystonePassword 3 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami a2619ba572 Neutron: Rename VnicTypeBlacklist parameters 3 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 4dca2a4834 Allow tuning rpc_response_timeout 3 months ago
Leif Madsen ab4c114d5b Adjust enable-stf.yaml for latest recommendations 2 months ago
Oliver Walsh 4aeb3f3543 Enable image copy for multiple RBD Glance stores 4 weeks ago
ramishra f065bb96b5 Add parameters to specify auth_strategy 1 month ago
Gregory Thiemonge 978c058ef1 Enable LogOffload by default in Octavia 4 weeks ago
James Slagle 26be317990 Deprecate DeployedServerPortMap 1 month ago
Alex Schultz 4da03adefe Move ephemeral heat upgrade to the service 1 month ago
Takashi Kajinami ef7254edd2 Cinder: Remove support for HPE Lefthand driver 1 month ago
Alexey Stupnikov 18651160a9 Deprecate VPP service and Neutron ML2/VPP agent 2 months ago
yogananth subramanian ec444622dc Add support for OVS DPDK pmd auto balance parameters. 3 months ago
Kamil Sambor 94e31ab75b Enable DPDK OVS PMD Auto Load Balance 3 months ago
Martin Schuppert d20f295f3a Simplify libvirt/qemu ssl certificates 3 months ago
Carlos Goncalves baf4a16149 OVN DBs clustering 5 months ago
ramishra a263da138f Use merge strategy for EndpointMap 1 month ago
Kamil Sambor 1ddef85c91 Add OVNAvailabilityZone to improve UX 3 months ago
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) dcddeb3b91 Make UpgradeLeappDevelSkip per-role 2 months ago
Steve Baker d2bbc3fbb4 Deprecate IronicIPXEEnabled 2 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 09bcacd25a Add support for keystone_authtoken/memcache_use_advanced_pool 2 months ago
James Slagle b252d45739 Add OS::TripleO::UndercloudUpgradeEphemeralHeat 4 months ago
Bogdan Dobrelya 8a3cf6aa87 Add param for RBD disk cache modes 2 months ago
Alan Bishop 2225f9666b Support cinder image conversion on an NFS share 2 months ago
John Fulton aeaaa90b3d Remove deprecated dcn-hci.yaml 2 months ago
ramishra b253d564f7 Use server side env merging for ServiceNetMap/VipSubnetMap 4 months ago
John Fulton f14bfb14c7 Introduce CephHciOsdCount and CephHciOsdType 4 months ago
Slawek Kaplonski 1b1960e4c7 Add release note for the OVNEncapType 3 months ago
Lee Yarwood 4efd15e15a nova: Default to the unversioned q35 machine type on x86_64 4 months ago
Martin Schuppert 49415d04b2 Introduce nova virtlogd wrapper 3 months ago
Takashi Kajinami acafd67c39 Remove Keepalived service 3 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 2da8297c86 cinder: remove support for the Veritas HyperScale driver 3 months ago
Alan Bishop d29e1b249b Add CinderBackupCompressionAlgorithm parameter 3 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 37bb2ecceb Add glance db purge job 11 months ago
Takashi Kajinami a453f1b599 Add manila db purge job 11 months ago
Ivan Pchelintsev fee14740be Remove deprecated CinderBackendDellEMCXTREMIOIscsi 3 months ago
Alan Bishop f08ed8036b Support removing cinder-backup from pcmk control 3 months ago
David Vallee Delisle e7d37585ac Missing client certificate for live-migration with TLS 4 months ago
Pranali Deore addcee106e Add ability to configure glance multiple cinder stores 6 months ago
Alan Bishop e2936d7604 Add cinder RBD support for multiple ceph clusters 3 months ago
Alan Bishop 4ca848fb01 Add CinderBackupWorkers and CinderBackupMaxOperations 3 months ago
Alan Bishop c6c513a96a Support cinder backups to specific ceph cluster 3 months ago
Harald Jensås 23cdf4dd17 Refactor Service VIPs redis and ovn_dbs 6 months ago
Martin Schuppert c04c9b0d70 Limit access to sshd used for nova migration 4 months ago
Douglas Mendizábal 3b4d488a6a Add new options for Barbican PKCS#11 backend 5 months ago
John Eckersberg ecff7b7056 Disable RabbitMQ busy-wait for dirty cpu and dirty i/o schedulers 4 months ago