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OpenStack Release Bot e296891dd1 Switch to 2023.1 Python3 unit tests and generic template name
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for antelope. Also,
updating the template name to generic one.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: Ib5ea1e022e624a57374b0c2d365d68452af08085
2022-11-02 16:27:41 +00:00
Marios Andreou b2639fa10b Moves the shared zuul queue tripleo to the project level
See [1] for more information


Change-Id: I112530d0254d10663e75eb7dc27c9c536addeb13
2022-06-23 14:11:26 +03:00
Takashi Kajinami 6c673528f4 Use python job template for Zed
... because the current master should be compatible with the Zed
release of the other projects. This effectively removes testing on
Python 3.6 and only Python 3.8 and 3.9 will be tested.

Closes-Bug: #1974244
Change-Id: I7ceafe711d15a185704eae50852649798c94ccab
2022-05-20 16:50:24 +09:00
Marios Andreou cd7d101332 Move zuul jobs layout to centos9 only for master branch
See topic branch [1] for related reviews.


Change-Id: I44b48d01c3f37652fcc79d9e9689981a543e02c5
2022-02-14 11:00:12 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 98d7317685 Use Python3 yoga unit tests
Because the Xena release is not being created for TripleO repos, test
runtime is not updated by automation tools. This change updates
the job template to use the tested runtime for Yoga.

Change-Id: Ic1d23f984261e0ce4c24dedd38346c3ed350fc50
2021-12-15 18:24:30 +09:00
Zuul 0c0034aa09 Merge "Add Python3 xena unit tests" 2021-09-24 17:17:29 +00:00
Marios Andreou ad28f5da4b Wire up renamed upgrade periodic template
The template being wired up here is added in depends-on by renaming
the existing periodic upgrade templates. See [1] for the context,
but the result is we will now only run these jobs once in periodic.

Depends-On: Iabe367d2e170bec44820a70c0760d8beea49ec92

Change-Id: Iac0131e16171d0aa43fa5584c2549f77537ac4c8
2021-07-27 18:17:21 +03:00
Alex Schultz e270d5329c Add openstack-tox-tht to the gate
It's voting in check. It needs to be in the gate too.

Change-Id: I74690cc2109d6ed5c6858f7c984cf8592a23adf8
2021-05-12 08:11:53 -06:00
OpenStack Release Bot 6dd006fc07 Add Python3 xena unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for xena.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: I08e8ad79a6b56a74b1c1481059585ba677a25922
2021-05-05 15:36:28 +00:00
Sorin Sbarnea 727d1656df Add support for py39
- Use version agnostic "py" inside tox default envs
- Enable py39 testing jobs (new template contains them)
- Address deprecation warning in setup.cfg regarding use of dashes
  instead of underlines (avoid future breakage with setuptools)

Change-Id: I26be50e029393e01db6718a21ac67d669ccd2e0c
2021-03-24 09:40:57 +00:00
Marios Andreou b5d5b7dc2b Make content provider depend on tox-pep8/tht on check layout
As part of [1] - optimize the zuul layout so that content-provider
doesn't run if openstack-tox-pep8 and openstack-tox-tht are not

These jobs are voting so they block us anyway, may as well
save running anything else if these small jobs aren't complete


Change-Id: I5fca006e529809ace8d348735f1e10c57ef90e6b
2021-02-19 13:11:34 +02:00
MSA 38c3cdb815 Wire up new tripleo upgrades jobs template
The depends-on adds a new upgrade jobs template which is wired up
here. Once wired up across tripleo we can remove excess content
providers with [1].


Change-Id: I087439eee69394fad8e5872e64557d2f6c5cd83e
2021-01-04 14:21:39 +00:00
Kevin Carter efd1975513 The lower constraint file has been removed
This file, and its tests, are not useful for tripleo so we're
removing because they're now becoming problematic.

Change-Id: I4207e7f543f33dda640bf0784e54311c66ba4e30
Signed-off-by: Kevin Carter <>
2020-12-08 10:56:59 -06:00
OpenStack Release Bot efdfa252c7 Add Python3 victoria unit tests
This is an automatically generated patch to ensure unit testing
is in place for all the of the tested runtimes for victoria.

See also the PTI in governance [1].


Change-Id: I85142b8be172147ea0f5c065bdb8a6d9dadfd8ae
2020-11-09 08:39:38 +00:00
Rafael Folco 62e7beb388 Switch c8-standalone to content provider
This change switches c8-standalone job to the content provider
dependency relation so the jobs share the produced artifacts.
It has been forgot previously.

Nuke c7 jobs from master layout.

Change-Id: I75172f2f55e8ef9adc207320e6f0bdebb310d2f8
2020-10-28 09:13:01 +00:00
Sagi Shnaidman f2317a2a71 Add content provider jobs to THT

Change-Id: Ie83e282c98e0082fcca74bc5165df9cf982a508d
2020-10-13 14:26:55 +00:00
Pooja Jadhav 54a1d4153b Add project template for IPA multinode

Change-Id: I8955fced379f5da8cb401aa46dc0fd393b95a5aa
2020-06-08 13:11:40 -06:00
Ade Lee 1ed331a45b Add additional files to ipa standalone test
The added files contain composable services that define
certificate_specs and therefore create certificates when
configured with tls-everywhere.

Change-Id: I08fe238da5cf379b1d5c607b2c544f971e0211be
2020-05-21 16:23:47 -06:00
Pooja Jadhav d96edb06a6 Trigger a job to run a standalone deploy with IPA on multinode
"tripleo-ci-centos-8-standalone-on-multinode-ipa" is a job
to create a multinode setup of two nodes having FreeIPA
server along with standalone deployment will trigger when
there are code changes related to TLS and IPA services.

Change-Id: I979d32cbc22799df79e9ea7da7d9360c708b76e8
2020-05-07 19:00:32 +00:00
Takashi Kajinami 61201d1a7b Cleanup remaining iteams for removed Tacker service
... because we already removed support for Tacker services[1].

[1] b44a079578

Change-Id: I587d832fa11f3879b9bf1d3a6dda94fe6d6e0820
2020-04-18 22:13:50 +09:00
Wes Hayutin f54a22a83f remove centos-7-standalone-upgrade for master
Change-Id: If7385594f917a23a235f63e1a19a912e416dc04b
2020-03-31 11:05:34 -06:00
Chandan Kumar (raukadah) e423bcf389 Fixed libvirt volume path for nova-migration-target-container

Co-Authored-By: Cédric Jeanneret (Tengu) <>
Change-Id: I2af6587fbfa659eb46b712d63b998e039189d31f
Signed-off-by: Chandan Kumar (raukadah) <>
Signed-off-by: Cédric Jeanneret <>
2020-03-16 07:34:26 +01:00
Wes Hayutin b33d9c537d update containers-multinode, minion to centos-8
Change-Id: I5c4fa8c22c20acd211bbc67f057356da1d53fbd1
2020-03-05 10:06:57 -07:00
Wes Hayutin cab2abf916 update tht standalone scenario jobs for centos-8
move centos-7 jobs to centos-8 where possible.

Related-Bug: #1865525
Change-Id: I22c08bea913542e71c6cea10f2b13bbf8320fb74
2020-03-05 15:01:57 +00:00
Emilien Macchi 80a8ec48b1 Remove deprecated kubernetes services
They were deprecated in Train and aren't used anywhere.
This also remove scenario006 which wasn't working anyway, and was
deploying the kubernetes service.

Change-Id: Id2ea4944c688039e28c4d16635bb4f2b0ed23154
2020-02-18 17:22:04 +00:00
Zuul a478d4fa32 Merge "add tht/common to trigger path" 2020-02-17 02:06:38 +00:00
Alex Schultz caef56e268 Remove py27 jobs
Switch to openstack-python3-ussuri-jobs instead of openstack-python-jobs
which means we'll get py3 jobs only.

Partial-Bug: #1861803
Change-Id: I60b111a19090601155769833a267f8e97ab29192
2020-02-04 20:49:09 +00:00
Wes Hayutin c6dd5553d6 Revert "mark scen10 and scen000 update/upgrade non-voting"
This reverts commit c350126be0.

Change-Id: Ifc0e5deb0656bb778fa0d37dbb1c6022e4088ddf
2020-01-31 13:23:04 -07:00
Wes Hayutin c350126be0 mark scen10 and scen000 update/upgrade non-voting
revert this patch after:

Change-Id: If9eeec2b027cfd1c65360d8130c2e748100ae8d0
2020-01-31 07:42:55 -07:00
Wes Hayutin 7359ddc989 add tht/common to trigger path
missed a check on

Change-Id: I87f8970556f8450be23f37276db0b8227e2b35a6
2020-01-29 14:15:45 -07:00
Emilien Macchi 8db74afe8b Make tripleo-ci-centos-7-containers-undercloud-minion depends on pep
Like other functional jobs, make the new
tripleo-ci-centos-7-containers-undercloud-minion to depend on the pep8
job results to avoid consuming resources if pep failed.

Change-Id: I0b986d70bb04c23494d7fb7b59d44441dc77d400
2019-12-09 16:28:10 -05:00
Emilien Macchi ccf1bca97c zuul: remove "files" for openstack-tox-tht
openstack-tox-tht is a dependency of functional testing jobs, which can
be problematic now because it only runs if some files are touched.

If e.g. common/ is the only file that is changed,
zuul will complain because the dependency graph is broken.

Let's relax openstack-tox-tht to run all the times; and stay a
dependency of other functional testing jobs (which brings value).

Change-Id: I3f05ca26064a2897a724876033a5cc4a602c38a2
2019-11-07 15:34:50 +01:00
Carlos Camacho 0de387ee3c Ansible lint check in THT
Until now if there is a nit inside any
Ansible task part of tripleo-heat-templates we will
need to wait until the end-to-end test imports
the actual tasks to fail.

This submission adds the hability to run a syntax
check for any Ansible task part of any role
defined by default in the resource registry.

Also it will allow to reduce the CI CO2 footprint
by not executing unneeded jobs meant to fail.
Let's save the planet and some CI cycles.

Change-Id: I6eb7c873cc9a4b7d765e745dc260475bff7b268a
2019-10-30 04:56:05 -04:00
Alex Schultz 4b352b4ca4 Deprecate kubespray kubernetes install
We haven't tested this in many cycles and is not currently being
persued as a supported service to install via TripleO.

Change-Id: Iec607ab6a5ba5b5156009073a264fa88ac59331e
2019-10-15 08:16:38 -04:00
Wes Hayutin e45949699d move multinode scen006 to experimental
scenario006 is failing for a long time.
Move out of check and into experimental

Change-Id: Ie5cbc9285667c039659ecbd733b8e93205eb63a1
2019-09-18 14:36:09 -06:00
Zuul c47c918d62 Merge "Add Python 3 Train unit tests" 2019-08-12 23:18:36 +00:00
Zuul 8a2253830a Merge "Disable tripleo-ci-fedora-28-standalone job" 2019-08-12 22:43:03 +00:00
Emilien Macchi 1e33ed8366 Remove pingtest from THT
The pingtest isn't used anywhere in Train cycle, we can remove it.

Change-Id: Ida2ddd1f880e09e930eac3dccd5b7e2989bc1bd2
2019-08-10 03:44:16 -04:00
Rafael Folco 83bc4f9ded Disable tripleo-ci-fedora-28-standalone job
tripleo-ci-fedora-28-standalone is deprecated and should be
disabled in all tripleo repos.

Change-Id: I78e5ba9ba33b00d05e67a0b34a1874e6866a2dc4
2019-08-08 14:20:26 -03:00
Emilien Macchi c845595ba3 Removal of OpenShift deployed by TripleO support
OpenShift deployed by TripleO support has been removed in a downstream
version of Stein which make the upstream support difficult to maintain.
OpenShift can be deployed using OpenShift-Ansible and
users who desire to deploy OpenShift 3.11 onto bare metal nodes can
still do so using openshift-ansible directly. The provisioning of
the Operating System on baremetal can be done with OpenStack Ironic on
the Overcloud or also can be done with deployed-servers, achieving the
same result.

Change-Id: I6a73f7f22dda69bef324ffdaecdcd6be693c1257
2019-08-06 17:22:24 -04:00
Emilien Macchi 2f3554cdcb Remove extraconfig/services directory
... and move the services into the deployment directory.

The extraconfig/services directory was initially created for
experimental services using an interface that was work in progress but
is now stable enough, so the services can live among the others for

Change-Id: I2bd0b169ed18ea2fccfea4475402dd73076924c8
2019-07-18 14:44:14 -04:00
Arx Cruz 930298c1cd Set scenario009 job voting to false
This job is at a 50% rate failure right now, moving it to non-voting

Change-Id: I3a5960db499925c4689244ff8b9f9b284819c713
2019-07-16 23:26:02 +02:00
Corey Bryant f4a4af8701 Add Python 3 Train unit tests
This is a mechanically generated patch to ensure unit testing is in place
for all of the Tested Runtimes for Train.

See the Train python3-updates goal document for details:

Change-Id: Ie696d60c6c6d53f189ad4259a1682d030478fdf2
Story: #2005924
Task: #34253
2019-07-12 16:39:23 -04:00
Alex Schultz 45fa045942 Skip standalone deploys if tox jobs fail
We've excluded most jobs from running if the tox jobs fail but we were
still running the standalone jobs. Let's skip those too if pep8 or the
unit tests fail.

Change-Id: I17d7f3c1a48f6f8d4f52e01cd26af825450c099a
2019-06-20 20:52:35 -06:00
Ronelle Landy caf690f765 Remove scenario008 jobs
ODL is no longer tested.

Change-Id: I056f69aab636d7d03c1eb78b38078f80e7150ca9
2019-06-13 16:39:27 -04:00
Brent Eagles f4460a580d Run octavia-api under httpd
octavia-api's cli app doesn't behave well with haproxy so let's run
under apache and save ourselves some grief. Also adds cleanup for the
octavia-api tls proxy in update and upgrade tasks if it was previously

Also updates zuul layout for multinode job to track changes to new
flattened octavia service files.

Closes-Bug: #1815811

Change-Id: Ied7cb31fbf1222694250e4769573bcbb82ba5bea
2019-04-09 18:01:37 -02:30
Wes Hayutin 12637c5aca remove dep job in gate
I don't think gate jobs should
use dependencies.

Change-Id: I8f2584a763c116284eace5030fc8c0d5ed47adc2
2019-04-02 14:10:58 -06:00
Zuul b842048a3c Merge "turn voting/gating on scen009 master" 2019-04-01 17:14:48 +00:00
Sagi Shnaidman 4d42323849 Add ci/common as trigger to scenarios multinode
Run various multinode jobs on changes in ci/common

Change-Id: I71113b177a12e181e1742c04fe04f461fc8ccd1b
2019-04-01 08:25:28 +00:00
Zuul a60718072d Merge "[Configuration] Add missing py37 and corrected default envlist." 2019-04-01 07:38:22 +00:00