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1575 Commits (015f00ee4f639092f89693f1707154d9a7d828e4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Chris Sibbitt 630e330f91 Missing rsyslog parameters for HAProxy 10 months ago
Alan Bishop b7019a6272 Clear up confusion on cinder's default volume type 11 months ago
Kamil Sambor d29e078cf5 Add param to configure neutron agent_down_time and report_interval 11 months ago
Kamil Sambor ba0ef35293 Enable ovn-monitor-all option to ovn-controller 11 months ago
Steve Baker 8ee7df3a3d Add parameter IronicPowerStateChangeTimeout 11 months ago
Slawek Kaplonski 21a1aebc4e Added support for Neutron loggings service plugin configuration 12 months ago
Kamil Sambor c8daec6976 Add OVNAvailabilityZone to improve UX 12 months ago
Jaganathan Palanisamy 68d3a27535 Option to select the required DDP package 1 year ago
Michele Baldessari 40da6ed234 OVN DBs clustering 1 year ago
David Vallee Delisle 914d89fc10 Role parameter for tripleo_kernel_defer_reboot 1 year ago
Alan Bishop 0b5b09c123 Support cinder image conversion on an NFS share 1 year ago
Kamil Sambor 9df8a1ce02 Enable DPDK OVS PMD Auto Load Balance 1 year ago
Takashi Kajinami 89fde273ea Add support for keystone_authtoken/memcache_use_advanced_pool 1 year ago
yogananth subramanian c746dfa0ba support for OVS DPDK pmd auto balance parameters. 1 year ago
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 8caac41903 Make UpgradeLeappDevelSkip per-role 1 year ago
Martin Schuppert d54d63285d [victoria/ussuri/train] Change nbd, vnc and qemu default cacert file 1 year ago
Douglas Mendizábal 9b67d64208 Add new options for Barbican PKCS#11 backend 1 year ago
David Vallee Delisle 6ba1d84a4b Missing client certificate for live-migration with TLS 1 year ago
Martin Schuppert 9befbde219 Limit access to sshd used for nova migration 2 years ago
Haresh Khandelwal 4be1373950 Config parameters for timemaster service 2 years ago
Takashi Kajinami 87fc83d7b1 Restore PreNetworkConfig resources 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 05b191d3e6 Use single NovaLibvirtNetwork to configure instance console components 2 years ago
Ivan Pchelintsev a31e100caf Add ports filtering support to XtremIO Cinder driver 2 years ago
Kamil Sambor 780b057461 Add posibilities to set ovndbs monitor interval 2 years ago
Alan Bishop bb7b27b90f Support configuring cinder's RPC and WSGI timeouts 2 years ago
Pranali Deore ad6eb8ae7e Allow configuring cinder mount point for glance cinder store 2 years ago
Ade Lee d98fa55bde Add parameters to allow multiple nshield HSMs 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert ace2eb097e Add NovaLibvirtMaxQueues role parameter to set [libvirt]/max_queues 2 years ago
John Fulton 8d0638ecac Deprecate environments/dcn-hci.yaml for dcn-storage.yaml 2 years ago
David Vallee Delisle 00cd7c170f Live migration optimization with HP 2 years ago
Christian Schwede add0f90036 Do not relabel Swift files on every container start 2 years ago
Harald Jensås 6b4d841d91 Make it possible to override ServiceNetMap per-role 2 years ago
David Hill 1ec4e5eceb Add setting to override max memcached connections 2 years ago
Oliver Walsh 03697234fd Move cell_v2 discovery off compute hosts 2 years ago
Brendan eccd5435d9 Add NovaApiMaxLimit configure max_limit for nova 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 125d41b857 Set correct default NovaLibvirtCPUMode 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert c2c1a10e1a Make sure apache metadata is set for nova-metadata service 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 36dae322d5 Move enable ksm on compute node to deploy step 1 2 years ago
Martin Schuppert 6e59a84ec0 Use bind mounts for tls certificates 2 years ago
Alan Bishop 80fcd33248 Deploy multipathd using tripleo_multipathd ansible role 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra 58ca6aebbd Fix some typos in the releasenote for nic config with ansible 2 years ago
Giulio Fidente 0bd041a6dc Run tripleo_lvmfilter role to restrict block devices visible to LVM2 2 years ago
Rabi Mishra e9e0eb3d97 Make NetworkConfigWithAnsible parameter non-role specific 2 years ago
Harald Jensås ff4d1fbb66 Use tags instead of role names 2 years ago
Rajesh Tailor 772b7398a7 Expose new THT params for cpu model flags 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi 47ab368caf Deprecate Mistral services 2 years ago
Goutham Pacha Ravi 143dd289e9 [manila] Add "ManilaEnabledShareProtocols" param 2 years ago
PranaliD 5c51ade11c Enable glance sparse image upload 2 years ago
Ade Lee bf910512c3 Deprecate novajoin 2 years ago
Takashi Kajinami bfd97da0bf Allow partial override about SshServerOptions 2 years ago