7067 Commits (0b23ff7ec9e01d4e4262f07047e4276bd6b5d9a9)

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James Slagle 0b23ff7ec9 Add spacing for readability 4 years ago
Zuul 8fc5167fc9 Merge "Refresh keystone after deployment" 4 years ago
Zuul d4f84c468a Merge "Added Liquidio service definition in overcloud puppet registry" 4 years ago
Zuul 8fd00675e8 Merge "Remove no longer used disable_upgrade_deployment flag" 4 years ago
Zuul f178607234 Merge "get-occ-config.sh: fix handling multiple nodes in a role" 4 years ago
Zuul 7e57704e29 Merge "Added release notes of tempest container" 4 years ago
Zuul a421fe993e Merge "Revert "FFU: Add support for panko service upgrade"" 4 years ago
Zuul 74402a447a Merge "Changing to L2GW Opendaylight v2 driver" 4 years ago
hanish gogada 8f24db876c Added Liquidio service definition in overcloud puppet registry 4 years ago
Athlan-Guyot sofer f3d340fea7 Revert "FFU: Add support for panko service upgrade" 4 years ago
Harald Jensas e947c7e610 Add ctlplane networking for routed networks 4 years ago
Zuul 05f5909adb Merge "Add static routes for routed ctlplane" 4 years ago
Zuul 122bc62190 Merge "Use IronicInspectorSubnets in undercloud.yaml" 4 years ago
Zuul b041ac2ffd Merge "Remove default value for pacmaker passwords" 4 years ago
Zuul 1e2cdd60aa Merge "Support SshKnownHostsDeployment with config-download" 4 years ago
Zuul afe932dba2 Merge "Remove the os-net-config element config.json template" 4 years ago
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles ffc14e3067 Refresh keystone after deployment 4 years ago
Harald Jensas 9c4cb2055d Add static routes for routed ctlplane 4 years ago
Harald Jensas ed336429f1 Use IronicInspectorSubnets in undercloud.yaml 4 years ago
mandreou 66df6bdb46 Remove no longer used disable_upgrade_deployment flag 4 years ago
James Slagle 154879b68d get-occ-config.sh: fix handling multiple nodes in a role 4 years ago
Zuul 31c2f7a7e4 Merge "FFU: Add support for panko service upgrade" 4 years ago
Zuul 14af18e393 Merge "Allow for passing boot-time vars/args to OC nodes" 4 years ago
Zuul 1058f6aa17 Merge "HAProxy: expose stats socket in HA deployment after upgrade" 4 years ago
Zuul 5f830340b1 Merge "Implement MasqueradeNetworks services" 4 years ago
Zuul ec5cb70ce4 Merge "Resource name correction" 4 years ago
Pradeep Kilambi bd48087520 FFU: Add support for panko service upgrade 4 years ago
Zuul fcf9a8fa64 Merge "Add purge to Nova cleanup cron." 4 years ago
Zuul dddd649ba6 Merge "remove OS::TripleO::Services::CephClient from CephAll" 4 years ago
Zuul 54bd6f1be7 Merge "Added the missing attributes for roles_data of ovs-dpdk-agent docker service" 4 years ago
Zuul 17834f0ab8 Merge "Remove the lacp bond mode constraints" 4 years ago
Zuul e6750c6a06 Merge "Do not create NetworkVlanID is the value is not defined" 4 years ago
Carlos Camacho fb29f77987 Add purge to Nova cleanup cron. 4 years ago
Sai Ram Peesapati c8ba3966d7 Resource name correction 4 years ago
Zuul 4ed5eae601 Merge "Fix fluentd upgrade tasks during FFU." 4 years ago
Zuul f2e4073265 Merge "FFU: Fix gnocchi FFU tasks" 4 years ago
Zuul e8fe14b4b1 Merge "Allow stacks to remove old update resources" 4 years ago
Emilien Macchi 04b898d0c1 Implement MasqueradeNetworks services 4 years ago
Zuul ce21e34356 Merge "Container Undercloud - Enable neutron segments" 4 years ago
Zuul ee1ca78c15 Merge "Upgrade data on disk on mysql major upgrade - non HA" 4 years ago
Damien Ciabrini d21bf1865a HAProxy: expose stats socket in HA deployment after upgrade 4 years ago
Zuul 1ebaa5dbd0 Merge "Use ironic::inspector::dnsmasq_ip_subnets" 4 years ago
Zuul b9e69580d6 Merge "Enable nova-metadata health check" 4 years ago
Zuul 081f221a68 Merge "Honor {{role.name}}ExtraConfig with deprecated params" 4 years ago
Zuul ee99f3977b Merge "Assign Cinder's backend_host when deploying for HA" 4 years ago
Zuul 804aa8966b Merge "Correctly set NeutronMl2PluginBase for OVN scenario" 4 years ago
mandreou 55864c9e75 Remove the os-net-config element config.json template 4 years ago
Zuul a98172685e Merge "HAProxy: fix bind mount to expose stats socket" 4 years ago
yatin e534a7a213 Correctly set NeutronMl2PluginBase for OVN scenario 4 years ago
binhong.hua 58d1e814c6 remove OS::TripleO::Services::CephClient from CephAll 4 years ago