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James Slagle 07adbb7b7e Update .gitignore 7 months ago
James Slagle 925af6378e Add generated deployed network environment 10 months ago
James Slagle 26be317990 Deprecate DeployedServerPortMap 1 year ago
Sorin Sbarnea a013f42e36 Enable ansible-lint 2 years ago
Sorin Sbarnea 2108a5191b Fixed tox executions 2 years ago
Emilien Macchi e6fe9ff3d9 Remove mac_hostname & random_string 3 years ago
Marios Andreou 634365bb58 Remove developer tools from tripleo .gitignore 4 years ago
Ben Nemec 4e24c8cb6a Sample environment generator 5 years ago
Emilien Macchi 5efee26c97 Add ReNo support 6 years ago
Dan Prince 4b5b24462b Add local template generation tox task 6 years ago
Dan Prince 3ec35a3f2f Rename overcloud-without-mergepy to overcloud. 7 years ago
Gael Chamoulaud 0d6b04c21a Add Puppet 4.x lint checks 7 years ago
Robert Collins 91e763f748 Expose public_interface_tag support. 8 years ago
Tomas Sedovic a3e83c8cff Remove the tuskar-source template 8 years ago
Ryan Brady a2602039fc Adds block-storage-nfs template 9 years ago
marios c9ce27c981 Make installable as a package using pbr 9 years ago
Dan Prince e6afddb3ca Use for the undercloud templates. 9 years ago
Clint Byrum 0dbf2810a0 Add functional tests and examples for merge 9 years ago
Robert Collins f733956be8 Ignore built files. 9 years ago
Robert Collins ae28900681 Ignore editor files. 9 years ago
Joshua McKenty a6889c1cd3 Initial commit 10 years ago