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Zuul 1caa1024e7 Merge "Don't create ExtraConfig resources per role" 2021-09-23 13:55:40 +00:00
Zuul 760ede2fa8 Merge "Don't use *-dist.conf files in commands" 2021-09-23 13:27:41 +00:00
Zuul b3a46c88e3 Merge "Set cgroupns=host for neutron_dhcp and ovn-metadata" 2021-09-23 13:17:57 +00:00
Zuul b21c953a8c Merge "Revert "Ensure startup files exist before containers might be started"" 2021-09-23 10:10:55 +00:00
Zuul 8ef66366de Merge "Fix the failure condition for HAproxy chgrp script" 2021-09-23 07:02:53 +00:00
wes hayutin 79dc2b994b Revert "Ensure startup files exist before containers might be started"
This reverts commit 27adf3bc7e.

Reason for revert:
Tested Revert here:

Change-Id: I11c7fd78788617182e5848804a59f0d05554e413
2021-09-22 19:53:39 +00:00
Zuul 8a77ef118c Merge "Revert "Adjust HAProxy script to allow for ID change"" 2021-09-22 16:27:54 +00:00
Zuul 3787b75666 Merge "Ironic: Do not override bootfile_name" 2021-09-22 16:27:03 +00:00
Zuul 84367d8535 Merge "Changed minversion in tox to 3.18.0" 2021-09-22 14:32:24 +00:00
Zuul 8d3fa2291f Merge "Update network-data v2 samples for ipv6" 2021-09-22 09:48:11 +00:00
Zuul 1f382ce84d Merge "Add ipv6 network_data/vip_data for CI jobs" 2021-09-22 09:48:08 +00:00
Michele Baldessari 60d77b37ec Set cgroupns=host for neutron_dhcp and ovn-metadata
Without this change on Centos Stream 9 we will get errors like the
+ nsenter --net=/run/netns/qdhcp-7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49 --preserve-credentials -m -t 1 podman run --detach --log-driver k8s-file --log-opt path=/var/log/containers/stdouts/neutron-dnsmasq-qdhcp-7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49.log -v /var/lib/config-data/puppet-generated/neutron/etc/neutron:/etc/neutron:ro -v /run/netns:/run/netns:shared -v /var/lib/neutron:/var/lib/neutron:shared -v /dev/log:/dev/log --net host --pid host --cgroupns host --privileged -u root --name neutron-dnsmasq-qdhcp-7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49 /usr/sbin/dnsmasq -k --no-hosts --no-resolv --pid-file=/var/lib/neutron/dhcp/7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49/pid --dhcp-hostsfile=/var/lib/neutron/dhcp/7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49/host --addn-hosts=/var/lib/neutron/dhcp/7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49/addn_hosts --dhcp-optsfile=/var/lib/neutron/dhcp/7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49/opts --dhcp-leasefile=/var/lib/neutron/dhcp/7083ee69-e139-4844-8af8-7efa798a3c49/leases --dhcp-match=set:ipxe,175 --dhcp-userclass=set:ipxe6,iPXE --local-service --bind-dynamic --dhcp-range=set:subnet-eaf4f552-0023-4e4a-9b6e-b5f3727e647e,,static,,86400s --dhcp-option-force=option:mtu,1500 --dhcp-lease-max=256 --conf-file=/dev/null
Error: create directory `/sys/fs/cgroup/../../libpod-b43b25a3bf3af73d24d3f4c52b983334ead7d28462e9ed8ba83f207e4264b1ed.scope`: No such file or directory: OCI runtime attempted to invoke a command that was not found

See also the related libvirt/nova issue in

Tested and with this change the error is gone and dhcp/ovn-metadata is functional

Closes-Bug: #1944522

Change-Id: I8a5b885782386a89c463ff0b7afd7ace91958278
2021-09-22 09:35:07 +02:00
Zuul 7329579bc2 Merge "Add parameter IronicDefaultBootMode" 2021-09-22 02:37:05 +00:00
Zuul 8e56ceb957 Merge "Manila: Deprecate ineffctive *DriverHandlesShareServers" 2021-09-21 19:32:06 +00:00
Zuul 3052264139 Merge "Fix kill-script for cgroups v2 and podman" 2021-09-21 11:59:53 +00:00
rabi 1a1fb27275 Update network-data v2 samples for ipv6
ipv6 key needs to set to true for ipv6 subnets.

Change-Id: I25480e6aa62e631db6078dfae9df9aa5c1570aff
2021-09-21 17:03:26 +05:30
rabi 246d174f8f Add ipv6 network_data/vip_data for CI jobs
fs035 uses ipv6 addresses.

Change-Id: Ic74f5ea27a95ff51f3fe1c78b2ab61d6b0d16ab0
2021-09-21 16:45:46 +05:30
Zuul 00ba3c15a9 Merge "Allow to set pacemaker cluster properties" 2021-09-21 09:19:30 +00:00
Zuul 5596ac9818 Merge "Ensure startup files exist before containers might be started" 2021-09-20 17:31:57 +00:00
Zuul d57a749730 Merge "Adding json output to yaml-diff" 2021-09-20 14:57:12 +00:00
Zuul 4f20e607e9 Merge "Remove zaqar" 2021-09-20 13:03:58 +00:00
Zuul 6e512598ca Merge "Remove mistral" 2021-09-20 12:59:23 +00:00
rabi 66492002c4 Don't use *-dist.conf files in commands
There is nothing distribution specific in most of these.
Let's stop using those so that we can drop those from

Change-Id: I1feb1b4167ea25710a2dc274cf73e4bf9b03cdd1
2021-09-20 08:09:09 +00:00
Zuul e33a9c9fa3 Merge "Add environment to enable keystone in undercloud" 2021-09-19 23:03:45 +00:00
Zuul a11bdd508c Merge "Deploy standalone ironic and neutron in undercloud" 2021-09-19 23:03:42 +00:00
Steve Baker 978f29d8c9 Add parameter IronicDefaultBootMode
The change to hard-code the default boot mode to ``uefi`` was reverted
since the test environment (OVB on vexxhost) doesn't yet support UEFI
boot. This change adds the IronicDefaultBootMode parameter so the
default boot mode can be set appropriately for each environment.

Blueprint: whole-disk-default
Change-Id: I10348eb1aaf6a594ae06bcc855dfdd8c6c00bfe9
2021-09-20 09:46:23 +12:00
Zuul e7815b8790 Merge "Add logging source for collectd" 2021-09-18 06:24:15 +00:00
wu.shiming 3cb006d532 Changed minversion in tox to 3.18.0
The patch bumps min version of tox to 3.18.0 in order to
replace tox's whitelist_externals by allowlist_externals option:

Change-Id: I5792c86745b875d074f670d92fe78a84a907bd74
2021-09-18 11:55:51 +08:00
Zuul 9787c2eb9d Merge "Revert "Configure ironic to do UEFI boot by default"" 2021-09-17 16:34:48 +00:00
Bogdan Dobrelya 5bcf76da02 Fix kill-script for cgroups v2 and podman
Cgroups v2 have different format of representing its
entries. Adjust the parser to match for the looked up
container id for both cgroups v1 and v2 cases.

Note, that docker would require the container created with --cgroupns
host. But (non-userspace) podman containers show that information
without such create/run args modification as well, which is also good
for upgrades. Since we no longer support docker, and cgroups v2 will
come exclusively with podman containers, drop the container_cli logic
and assume there is always podman used.

Co-authored-by: Michele Baldessari <>
Change-Id: Ief3a80f0099d8aa8b43fac64497c34505827a6e6
Signed-off-by: Bogdan Dobrelya <>
2021-09-17 10:12:29 +02:00
ramishra e1a605833e Add environment to enable keystone in undercloud
As we're disabling keystone by default, this would be needed
if there is a need to enable it.

Change-Id: I9bc8116c85f710ecc83eb8254b45fa2d48f59424
2021-09-17 10:43:40 +05:30
ramishra c293dfc7b1 Deploy standalone ironic and neutron in undercloud
This makes the following changes:

- Create cloud.yaml for undercloud with standalone services
- Remove keystone and memcached from the undercloud

Change-Id: I741123dcbf4544845b40e253d8b42d868317cc03
2021-09-17 10:42:55 +05:30
rabi 6a8fb43edc Revert "Configure ironic to do UEFI boot by default"
This reverts commit 3100829b94.

Reason: We seem to have issues setting boot mode with

Change-Id: I706cc9ee007583a4e2963f0b3c286a9045b49e7f
2021-09-17 10:41:50 +05:30
Alex Schultz 0c167aedea Remove zaqar
Zaqar was deprecated in Wallaby and is no longer in use on the
undercloud and it hasn't been officially supported in the
overcloud for some time.

Change-Id: I3bdcc72d6127ec96ff2307cafbf57f6178c3ef5c
2021-09-16 15:12:29 -06:00
Alex Schultz cb630d03be Remove mistral
Mistral was deprecated in Wallaby and is no longer in use on the
undercloud and it hasn't been officially supported in the overcloud for
some time.

Change-Id: I6963453f53cb554ca8fdb58706f04838bbd11ba0
2021-09-16 15:12:18 -06:00
David Hill 67bd75c8ba Allow to set pacemaker cluster properties
There is no ways to set pacemaker stonith-timeout values to something
different than the default values.   This change would allow a user
to set any pacemaker cluster properties using PacemakerProperties.

      property: 'stonith-timeout'
      value: '120s'

Change-Id: Ied77623953fd97dce7de1d529e98d5483a42e31b
2021-09-16 16:31:36 -04:00
Zuul 39cac17547 Merge "Set DhcpAgentNotification to be "false" by default" 2021-09-16 18:54:24 +00:00
Zuul 527afb6db7 Merge "Add oidc options" 2021-09-16 11:30:35 +00:00
Zuul 006a5a9f8c Merge "Simplify mysql users creation" 2021-09-15 19:52:35 +00:00
Zuul 39b1d279e4 Merge "Swap xinetd/tftp-server for dnsmasq to support ironic-pxe operations" 2021-09-15 15:01:58 +00:00
Damien Ciabrini f2015da4b5 Simplify mysql users creation
Openstack users are configured with openstacklib, which in turns
drive puppet-mysql to create several DB user for each db service:
<service>@'%' <service>@<ip> and <service>@<mysql_vip>.

We create several users because we use two different parameters
host and allowed_hosts in openstacklib, which only has the effect
of creating a list of users per openstack service.

However since we always create a user '%', this wildcard host
will always allow connection to the DB, so the other users are
currently not useful as they don't get any additional grants or

Simplify the entire mysql user creation to only generate one
user per service, with a wildcard host.

Change-Id: I928b03f06c702a13f4bd957eaa79153aa711cee4
Closes-Bug: #1943440
Closes-Bug: #1943330
2021-09-15 12:23:30 +02:00
Zuul 3827f4a42a Merge "Configure api_base_uri to DesignateEndpoint URI" 2021-09-15 07:49:48 +00:00
Zuul dd7ad2baf6 Merge "Remove old ovndbs update workaround" 2021-09-15 07:49:45 +00:00
Julia Kreger 84e1a591d8 Swap xinetd/tftp-server for dnsmasq to support ironic-pxe operations
tftp-server and xinetd are not anticipated to be in RHEL9 and as
such we need to remove their use in order to facilitate a transition
to RHEL9 when the time comes.

In this case, we're anticipating we can just directly launch dnsmasq
instead of in.tftpd directly within the container.

Change-Id: Ie75aa0f2994a4cf662905b912231a12e3bd8afe7
2021-09-14 19:15:41 +00:00
Zuul 310516106d Merge "Install python3-openstackclient after the leapp upgrade" 2021-09-14 17:28:08 +00:00
Michele Baldessari efd4ca0851 Remove old ovndbs update workaround
This is basically a revert ot I8f71bf83ddafca167deae1a38ca819f7d930fb80 has now been fixed
"[ovsdb-server] Allow replicating from older schema servers"
which has been fixed in openvswitch2.11-2.11.0-35.el8fdp.x86_64
which was released on 2020-01-22.

I think in master (and potentially wallaby) we can just remove this
workaround now.

Change-Id: I428a30d2ad7be295f8b3dbeaddd76eb88432a532
2021-09-14 13:33:22 +02:00
Zuul 7a6cd0640e Merge "Add http basic auth support for neutron api" 2021-09-14 08:54:42 +00:00
Zuul 2a6f452a2c Merge "Fix typo in vip-data-default-network-isolation.yaml" 2021-09-13 21:50:26 +00:00
Zuul ba0b24f1c6 Merge "Remove setting ACLs during Upgrade" 2021-09-13 21:50:18 +00:00
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) c463d2068e Install python3-openstackclient after the leapp upgrade
The package is part of the base image, but when doing a leapp
upgrade it is removed because it is not part of the standard
RHEL repositories.

Resolves: rhbz#1994919

Change-Id: Ia892ccb629b7ef7cb80d549fbe1c684e9b93c0fc
2021-09-13 16:53:47 +00:00