2033 Commits (38e8749e11017e9a00b2d9d79d39a530336ed32a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 526791d6c6 Remove tripleo_transfer cleanup.yml reference 5 months ago
Alex Schultz 4e79336d69 Use ansible_facts instead 5 months ago
Alex Schultz 6902fcea09 Drop service facts usage 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari badc6bc1ed Fix redis_tls_proxy 5 months ago
ramishra 7d56985fa3 Don't try creating default admin and member roles 5 months ago
Takashi Kajinami e1aee7c3e2 Stop non-pcmk services of manila and cinder during upgrade 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 656a6f50d4 pcs commands on host: ovn dbs 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 4db5462608 pcs commands on host: manila-share 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 60cd610f9d pcs commands on host: rabbitmq 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 327f0e5038 pcs commands on host: cinder backup/volume 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 07d8f20825 pcs commands on host: mysql 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 67e5d621ec pcs commands on host: redis bundle 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari a7cceb0f9a pcs commands on host: haproxy bundle 6 months ago
Ade Lee c8f1976fa7 Add parameters to allow multiple nshield HSMs 6 months ago
Takashi Kajinami d3c837e818 Fix logic to honor HorizonDebug 8 months ago
Keigo Noha 79aec182b3 Set 'DEBUG' to horizon::log_level if HorizonDebug or Debug is true 1 year ago
Lukas Bezdicka 19bb2152ff [train-only] Add FFWD workaround for UEFI systems 6 months ago
Michele Baldessari 1a17443160 Add ContainerDefaultPidsLimit to set default pid limits in containers.conf 6 months ago
Lukas Bezdicka 988d5dc892 [train-only] Ensure we stop ovn-controller with cleanup 6 months ago
John Fulton 91b780d3de Use Ceph cluster name when setting minimum client version 6 months ago
Giulio Fidente bd36a306aa Make DnfStreams support RoleParameters 6 months ago
Alex Schultz 28cb354c35 Make NovaComputeOptVolumes and NovaComputeOptEnvVars role aware 10 months ago
David Vallee Delisle 43b7188ef5 Live migration optimization with HP 8 months ago
Sergii Golovatiuk 678186027f Add post delay to reboot 6 months ago
Giulio Fidente 43b352e9aa Enforces minimum Ceph client version to Mimic 6 months ago
Damien Ciabrini 6733d14f11 Serialize shutdown of pacemaker nodes 9 months ago
Giulio Fidente cf605138f2 Make ExternalSwift*Url parameters optional 6 months ago
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) c5a2a9ce50 Use include_role for conditional inclusion 6 months ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza e69b06ae26 [Train-Only] Remove python-2 packages in the overcloud nodes after leapp upgrade. 7 months ago
Alan Bishop f55af442de Deploy multipathd using tripleo_multipathd ansible role 6 months ago
Saravanan KR 861af8d81e Force json output format for hiera in derive pci whitelist 7 months ago
Martin Schuppert 431cfb979a Add NovaLibvirtMaxQueues role parameter to set [libvirt]/max_queues 7 months ago
Saravanan KR 0c68c4428d Revert "Reset sriov_numvfs to 0 before leapp upgrade" 7 months ago
Damien Ciabrini 916b9385c6 Rolling certificate update for HA services 1 year ago
David Vallee Delisle 38fcff8651 Deleting nova-consoleauth services in post-upgrade 7 months ago
David Hill 57f5a899e0 Making sure virt-guest-shutdown.target exists 7 months ago
Michele Baldessari 75c2872326 Remove pcs/pacemaker package installation from upgrade tasks 8 months ago
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 6c038ca3a2 [Train only] Retry distro-sync until success 6 months ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 6dde10a523 Set up right DNF module stream for Upgrades and Updates. 1 year ago
Christian Schwede 5472332d62 Do not relabel Swift files on every container start 8 months ago
Takashi Kajinami 491b545715 Disable notification from services by default 1 year ago
Gregory Thiemonge 4dd0f9dab5 Fix ownership of octavia_rsyslog log directory 8 months ago
Rajesh Tailor e26e6a1fb4 nova: Use LIBGUESTFS_BACKEND=direct 7 months ago
Matthew N Heler e14489eef2 [TRAIN ONLY] Remove duplicate /var/run/openvswitch bind mount 7 months ago
Lukas Bezdicka 73eb352555 Enable tripleo_free strategy for upgrade 9 months ago
David Hill 8cc56bb50a Add setting to override max memcached connections 9 months ago
Bogdan Dobrelya bee00aa6b2 Fix swift containers idempotency 1 year ago
Christian Schwede 549cfe21d1 Refresh Swift ring files without restarting containers 11 months ago
Ade Lee b2ac1d3788 Add missing IPA services for queens to train upgrades 7 months ago
Raildo 9410d79e69 Adding key_size option on the certificate creation 8 months ago