18 Commits (38e8749e11017e9a00b2d9d79d39a530336ed32a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Alex Schultz 4e79336d69 Use ansible_facts instead 7 months ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 6dde10a523 Set up right DNF module stream for Upgrades and Updates. 1 year ago
Sergii Golovatiuk a1cb1e7161 Run os-net-config on step 3 10 months ago
Sofer Athlan-Guyot ed65866d43 Add openvswitch special treatment to update too. 1 year ago
Alex Schultz 539692ef95 Update minion rabbit credentials 1 year ago
Jesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) 427df766bd Correctly match openvswitch package 1 year ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza 56acca5078 Add mode option when creating persistent directories. 1 year ago
Sofer Athlan-Guyot 45760e089d Add hook to run RHOSP policies enforcement. 1 year ago
Emilien Macchi 851bbb31e0 Remove all ignore_errors to avoid confusion when debugging 2 years ago
Alex Schultz e7351d44c7 [train-squash] Backport legacy log folder and readme cleanups 2 years ago
Brent Eagles 4d21352e30 Bypass openvswitch update logic if expected packages are not present 2 years ago
Alex Schultz eeb0d54958 Add UndercloudMinion environments 2 years ago
Carlos Camacho 53650f9635 Put on hold the Ansible package update until is fixed 2 years ago
Dan Prince a68151d02a Convert Docker*Image parameters 2 years ago
Jose Luis Franco Arza bbc18dd8d8 Handle openvswitch meta-package on undercloud upgrade. 2 years ago
Dan Prince f316311a38 move undercloud-upgrade.yaml into deployment 3 years ago
Dan Prince 8b0b6eeb4d move tempest to deployment 3 years ago